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Hamilton Guide

What major events and festivals are held in Hamilton?

The Great Pumpkin Carnival

First held in 2009, Hamilton’s Great Pumpkin Carnival is an annual celebration of the popular vegetable. Featuring a variety of contest categories, including heaviest pumpkin, most perfect pumpkin and best carved pumpkin, as well as pumpkin-themed cooking competitions and a pumpkin race, there’s plenty to see and discover throughout the carnival. Make your way to Hamilton Gardens to see the oddest pumpkin in person, marvel at incredibly large pumpkins and enjoy the diversity of this common garden vegetable.

Feast Waikato

Taking place over several days in April, Feast Waikato has quickly become one of the premier food and wine festivals on Hamilton’s events calendar. The popular festival features a series of food-themed events, including workshops, cooking classes, a progressive dinner and more. Sample food prepared by some of the country’s leading chefs, try a selection of local wines or spend an evening feasting on delicious food truck fare. From mouth-watering international cuisines to sustainable food usage, there’s plenty of great things to learn and try throughout each day of the event. Whether you consider yourself to be a self-professed foodie or are simply curious about the produce of the Hamilton region, be sure to book your flights from Queenstown to Hamilton to arrive in time for this exciting event.

Waikato Show

Showcasing the communities, businesses and organisations of the Hamilton region, the Waikato Show is well worth a visit if your trip from Queenstown to Hamilton happens to coincide with the annual celebration. The show hosts an assortment of exhibitors, interactive displays, demonstrations and more, providing plenty to see and do with every ticket. Kids will love meeting an array of animals at the Farmyard, while the Cultural Village provides a great opportunity to learn more about the diverse cultures of the world.


What should you pack when visiting Hamilton?

If your Queenstown to Hamilton flights arrive during the winter months, prepare to dress for cooler daytime temperatures. Averaging at about 14℃ between June and August, the city’s weather is coldest at this time. If you are preparing to visit Hamilton in winter, look to add a warm coat, gloves, long pants and clothing that you can layer to your packing list. Layering is a great strategy to employ throughout the colder months, ensuring you don’t overheat when indoors or get too cold when you spend time outside.

Throughout autumn and spring, the weather is generally quite fair in Hamilton. If you’re set to explore the city from March to May or September to November, look to pack clothing that can be worn in a variety of different weather conditions from sunny days to rainy afternoons. A light coat, t-shirts, long pants and other pieces of clothing that are easy to layer are great options.

For summer days spent in Hamilton, t-shirts and shorts are a good foundation for your packing list. Summer does see Hamilton enjoy its warmest temperatures, but the evenings do tend to be quite cool. Add a jumper or a light jacket to your packing list to ensure you have all your bases covered. If you are thinking of spending time outdoors once you’ve made your way from Queenstown to Hamilton, it’s a good idea to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.


What are some top tips for first-time visitors to Hamilton?

If you’re wanting to see more of New Zealand’s North Island once your Queenstown to Hamilton flights touch down, consider hiring a car. Within 90 minutes' drive of the city, you’ll find many popular tourist destinations, including Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua. Set out on a day trip or choose to embark on a longer road trip with family or friends. If you are thinking of hiring a car during school holidays or the city’s peak tourist season, look to secure your vehicle ahead of time. Rental cars are available to book on

For better chances of securing cheap flights from Queenstown to Hamilton, consider visiting in either autumn or spring. The weather is quite pleasant at both times of the year, with demand for accommodation and flights typically lower than during the height of summer.

Unless you’re wanting to head further afield during your stay, the public bus service in Hamilton is likely to be the only transport you’ll need. The BUSIT network features more than 1,000 bus stops and services 20 routes across the city, allowing travellers to venture with ease to most suburbs across Hamilton. If you’re planning to spend more than a couple of days in Hamilton before you board your return flights from Hamilton to Queenstown, purchase a reloadable Bee Card to save a few extra dollars on your bus fares. You can purchase Bee Cards for $5 from select retailers across the city and at the Hamilton Transport Centre.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the flight from Queenstown to Hamilton?

There are no direct flights available between Queenstown and Hamilton, so flight times vary depending on route and stopovers. Flights take about 3 hours 25 minutes or more.

How many airlines fly from Queenstown to Hamilton?

Queenstown to Hamilton flights are serviced by Air New Zealand.

Are there direct flights from Queenstown to Hamilton?

There are currently no direct flights available between Queenstown and Hamilton. Services to Hamilton travel via Christchurch or Wellington.