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Guangzhou Guide

What’s on in Guangzhou?

Spring Festival Flower Fair

Guangzhou is teeming with gardens and greenery, leading it to being dubbed China’s “Flower City.” No matter what time of year you book flights to Guangzhou, you’re guaranteed to see plenty of flowers, but especially during the Spring Festival Flower Fair. Over the course of seven days in the lead-up to Chinese New Year, people flock to Guangzhou to view colourful flower displays and purchase plants for their homes. As well as flowers, you’ll spot plenty of kumquat trees – in Cantonese culture, kumquats represent good fortune. To attend, book airfare to Guangzhou for late January or early February, based on when Chinese New Year falls.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the largest event celebrated across China, and as Guangzhou is the country’s third-largest city, it’s the perfect place to ring in the New Year. Rather than celebrating on 31 December, the Chinese base their New Year celebrations on the lunar calendar. The date changes yearly, but typically falls between late January and mid-February. If you plan return flights to Guangzhou during Chinese New Year, you’ll see vibrant decorations around the city and experience cultural displays, fireworks, and markets.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival tradition dates back to Ancient China about 3,000 years ago. It became a time for families to reunite, enjoy large feasts, and sacrifice snacks and wine to the full moon. Over time, the festival evolved into one of the most prominent Chinese holidays. If you plan flights to Guangzhou during Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll spot lanterns all over the city, see locals worshipping the moon, and have a chance to try river snails – a traditional festival delicacy. Mid-Autumn Festival is based on the lunar calendar, so the date changes annually. To attend, look into airfare to Guangzhou between late September and mid-October.


What are the best things to do while holidaying on flights to Guangzhou?

Yuntai Garden

Located atop Baiyun Mountain, Yuntai Garden is the largest landscaped garden in China. More than 200 rare flower species from both China and overseas grow there. While holidaying on cheap flights to Guangzhou, head to Yuntai Garden to view the vibrant flowers as well as scenic rivers, lakes, and statues. The garden is located on top of Baiyun Mountain, so it also has an incredible view over the city below. Tickets to Guangzhou’s Yuntai Garden cost 10 yuan ($2.15 NZD).


For several decades, the buildings of Redtory operated as factories. But in 2009, a regeneration project began, and the factory buildings were transformed into art galleries and studios. While holidaying on flights to Guangzhou, spend some time at Redtory to see where the industrial side of the city meets the present day. Inside Redtory, admire the work of local artists in the gallery and rotating exhibits. Once you’ve seen some paintings and sculptures, grab something to eat or drink at one of Redtory’s trendy restaurants and cafes.

Shamian Island

Shamian Island is nestled between central Guangzhou and the city’s Pearl River. A small canal borders it, separating it from the mainland of the city. Shamian Island is made up of carefully planned streets and Western-style architecture that makes it feel more like Western Europe than China. While holidaying on cheap flights to Guangzhou, stroll through Shamian Island to see a unique side to the city. Admire Gothic and Baroque-style buildings, like the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes and the mansions along Shamian Street.


What is the best way to get around Guangzhou?

Guangzhou has an extensive network of public transport. Once your flights to Guangzhou arrive, you can choose between the metro, five airport express bus lines, and six airport shuttle lines to get to your accommodation. Buses travel to various destinations around the city centre, and the metro offers direct service to major stops, such as Guangzhou East Railway Station and Canton Tower. If you’d prefer to catch a taxi from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN), a ride into the centre costs about 120 yuan ($25.80 NZD).

Once you reach the city, the metro is the primary way to explore between return flights to Guangzhou. 14 metro lines weave their way through the city and its suburbs. While holidaying on cheap flights to Guangzhou, you’ll find that the majority of local attractions are accessible by metro. Alternatively, you could explore by bus between your return flights to Guangzhou. The city has a network of more than 1,200 bus routes to help you get exactly where you need to go. Tickets to Guangzhou buses cost 2 yuan (45 cents NZD). Metro fare is based on distance travelled and typically costs between 2 and 5 yuan (45 cents and $1.05 NZD).