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What should I know before visiting Goa?

The beaches of North Goa and South Goa are very different

Goa is divided into two primary districts – North and South – and each has its own unique personality. If you’re looking for an abundance of bars, restaurants, and entertainment, consider staying in the north when you book airfare to Goa. On the other hand, if you’re looking for secluded beaches and plenty of relaxation, plan to spend most of the time between your return flights to Goa in the south.

Goa has a huge Portugese influence

Between the 15th and 20th centuries, Goa and the surrounding region were under Portugese rule. When you book airfare to Goa today, you’ll still see much of this Portugese influence around the city, in everything from buildings and landmarks to Portugese-inspired cuisine.

Many local businesses close in the afternoons

The tradition of an afternoon siesta is another Portugese tradition that’s alive and well in Goa. While holidaying on cheap flights to Goa, don’t plan to do any shopping in the afternoon as most businesses shut between 1pm and 4pm. But don’t worry about lunch – most restaurants and cafes stay open during siesta.


What are Goa’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Dudhsagar Falls

There are a variety of waterfalls to explore when you book tickets to Goa. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most impressive, featuring four tiers and a total height of 310 metres. It’s the tallest waterfall in the Goa region and one of the highest in all of India. In order to visit Dudhsagar Falls, book onto a tour and head east into Mollem National Park. The impressive falls are a must-see for any visitor with flights to Goa.

Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is located in central Goa at the spot where the Mandovi River meets the Arabian Sea. The fort was built in 1612 as a way to protect Goa’s Portugese settlement from the Dutch. Today, the main focus of Aguada Fort is its lighthouse, which was added in the 19th century. To reach the fort, take a scenic four-kilometre coastal walk from the nearby Sinquerim Beach. While holidaying on cheap flights to Goa, Aguada Fort is one of the most famous landmarks to visit – and to make it even better, it’s free!

Maruti Temple

You can’t book flights to Goa without visiting one or two of the local temples. Maruti Temple is elaborately designed with bright shades of red and orange. The temple is located on Altinho Hill and has a beautiful view over Goa’s Fontainhas neighbourhood. Maruti Temple was built in honour of the Hindu deity Lord Hanuman, god of monkeys. Between your return flights to Goa, make sure you see the temple up close. Then at night, admire Maruti Temple from a distance when it gets illuminated in bright lights.


What is the best way to get around Goa?

Once you arrive into Goa International Airport (GOI), the easiest option to reach your hotel is to catch a taxi. Some bus routes are available from the airport to major hubs, including Panaji and Calangute, but bus journeys can be long and hard to navigate with luggage. Taxis are available just outside the airport terminal. Be aware that most local taxi drivers don’t use meters, so agree on a price ahead of time to avoid being overcharged. If you’re travelling into the central neighbourhood of Fontainhas, expect to pay about 380 rupees ($8 NZD). To reach Velha Goa, the city’s Old Town, taxis cost around 475 rupees ($10 NZD), and a ride to the northern beaches costs about 750 rupees ($15.70 NZD). If you want an extra level of freedom while holidaying on flights to Goa, consider renting a car with Webjet. When you hire a car, you can pick it up right from Goa International Airport (GOI) at the start of your adventure.

While exploring the area between return flights to Goa, there are a number of local bus routes and ferries you can catch. Public transport doesn’t run very frequently, but it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local way of life while holidaying on cheap flights to Goa. Tickets to Goa buses and ferries vary between 10 and 55 rupees (20 cents and $1.15 NZD), based on how far you travel.

For a direct ride from point A to point B, catch a local taxi. Taxis are widely available across Goa, as are auto rickshaws. While holidaying on flights to Goa, you can catch a single taxi ride or book a local driver for the entire day. At about 3,000 rupees ($63 NZD), this is a great way to take day trips around the area with the valuable knowledge of a local.

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