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What’s on in Glasgow?

Burns Night

If you’re looking for a classic Scottish holiday to experience between return flights to Glasgow, Burns Night is it! This annual holiday honours the Scottish poet Robert Burns and is celebrated on the weekend closest to his birthday, 25 January. If you book airfare to Glasgow for Burns Night, you’ll find a handful of celebrations and events around the city. There are comedy performances, poetry readings, whisky tastings, and more. And make sure you try some traditional Scottish fare: haggis with “neeps and tatties” (turnips and potatoes) and a glass of local whisky.

Glasgow Film Festival

For 12 days each year, the Glasgow Film Festival takes over the city to showcase dozens of new films. Featured films cover all genres from comedy to horror to innovative art-house. Plenty of international filmmakers are included in the festival, but a good portion of the programme consists of local Scottish filmmakers. If you’re a film buff and would love to experience some up-and-coming films, book tickets to Glasgow for the festival in late February and early March.

Glasgow Whisky Festival

Scotch whisky is known and loved around the world. In fact, whisky is one of Scotland’s primary exports. So it’s only fair that this classic drink gets a festival in its honour. Throughout the Glasgow Whisky Festival, more than 70 stalls are set up where visitors can taste whisky from all over Scotland, with a focus on local Glaswegian distilleries. If you’re hoping to taste all the different whisky that Scotland is famous for, plan your flights to Glasgow for November. Tickets to Glasgow Whisky Festival cost £40 ($78.55 NZD) and include vouchers to redeem if you purchase any bottles.


What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Glasgow?

Do try the local haggis

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food, and in Scotland, perhaps the most well-known dish is haggis. Many visitors are put off by the thought of haggis based on the fact that it’s made from sheep stomach. But put that to the back of your mind, and try some for yourself. Like many visitors with flights to Glasgow, you may be pleasantly surprised! And don’t worry about missing out if you’re a vegetarian holidaying on flights to Glasgow – several local cafes serve up a veggie version of the Scottish classic.

Don’t confuse Scotland with England

Scots are passionate about their country, and they are proud to be Scottish. While Scotland and England are both part of Britain and the UK, they are separate countries with unique histories and cultures. When you book cheap flights to Glasgow, embrace the local culture of Scotland and avoid making generalisations or comparisons to England.

Do explore Glasgow’s vibrant art scene

While holidaying on cheap flights to Glasgow, you’ll find an endless stream of art and culture to experience. The city is teeming with art galleries, theatres, live music venues, and colourful street art. If you are a fan of visual or performing arts, you will find countless places to discover between your return flights to Glasgow, which is unofficially known as Scotland’s culture capital.


When is the best time to visit Glasgow?

Glasgow experiences fairly cool weather throughout the year. If you’re hoping to explore the picture-perfect landscapes of Scotland, plan your flights to Glasgow in the spring or summer. These seasons experience minimal rain and comfortable temperatures – perfect for hiking, visiting the Scottish lochs, and exploring the city on foot. Spring temperatures reach about 12 to 15°C during the day, while summer temperatures hit about 19°C. Be sure to pack layers for your return flights to Glasgow as nighttime temperatures often cool down to about 10°C in summer. While summer is the ideal time to explore the great outdoors of Scotland, it is also high season. Travellers arrive to Glasgow from all over Europe to experience its art scene and nearby Scottish nature. For nice weather without the crowds, look into cheap flights to Glasgow for the spring.

Once autumn begins, the average rainfall in the Glasgow area increases dramatically and temperatures average a brisk 13°C, and there are plenty of sunny days as well. If you book airfare to Glasgow in late autumn, you can even experience the city’s legendary Christmas markets. Winter in Glasgow is cold with damp and cloudy days and evening temperatures dipping to about 2°C. Winter may not be the ideal time to explore the nature around Glasgow, but it’s perfect for taking in the city’s art scene. Plus, winter is the quietest season in Scotland, meaning you can find great deals on accommodation and flights into Glasgow Airport (GLA) or Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PLK). 

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