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Gladstone Guide

What should I know before visiting Gladstone?

Gladstone is within easy reach of the Great Barrier Reef

When it comes to visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns and the Whitsundays seem to get most of the attention. But when you book airfare to Gladstone, you can explore the stunning southern edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Some great places for snorkelling or diving between return flights to Gladstone include Heron Island and Curtis Island.

Book flights to Gladstone between January and March to see turtles hatch

If you time your cheap flights to Gladstone right, you can experience an unforgettable event on the nearby Heron and Curtis Islands. Between January and March each year, baby turtles hatch and make the journey across the beach into the ocean.

Plan a day trip to the nearby towns of Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Water

The nearby towns of Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Water are teeming with both history and natural beauty. To experience another side to Central Queensland, hop in a rental car and drive about 90 minutes south. For the best rates on rental cars, book through Webjet and pick up your car after arriving into Gladstone Airport (GLT). Back in 1770, James Cook landed in the area, which is how the town of Seventeen Seventy got its name. While visiting Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Water, explore the pristine beaches, go snorkelling or surfing offshore, and take advantage of the countless hiking trails and viewpoints.


What are the top tips for travelling to Gladstone with children?

Calliope River Historical Village

While holidaying on flights to Gladstone, head about 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) inland to experience the Calliope River Historical Village. The village captures the history of the region and allows visitors to take a step back in time to when the Gladstone region was first settled. Throughout the open-air museum, you can take a self-guided tour of exhibits, old-fashioned buildings, and an antique railway carriage. Depending on when you book cheap flights to Gladstone, you may even be able to browse the village markets. The popular local market sets up five times a year with 2020 dates falling on 8 March, 3 May, 20 September, 25 October, and 6 December.

East Shores Water Park

Between your return flights to Gladstone, take your kids to the East Shores Water Park anytime they need to burn off some energy. The small water park and play area is located alongside the Calliope River and next to the popular Auckland Hill Lookout. As well as a children’s water park, the East Shores precinct is home to grassy fields and barbecues, making it a great place to go for an afternoon picnic.

Gladstone Regional Gallery and Museum

While holidaying on cheap flights to Gladstone, take the kids to the Gladstone Regional Gallery and Museum to help them learn something new. The museum features exhibits related to all different aspects of Gladstone history and culture. Learn more about the Great Barrier Reef and view artefacts that date back to Gladstone’s industrial age. If you plan return flights to Gladstone for a week in mid-January, you can also attend the gallery’s Festival of Summer. The festival features workshops and events that are fun for the whole family.


What is the cost of visiting Gladstone?

Once you’ve booked airfare to Gladstone, continue planning your trip with Webjet. Get some of the top rates on accommodation and rental cars to make your trip to Gladstone a memorable one. When booking a hotel room in central Gladstone, be prepared to spend between $100 and $150 NZD per night. Rental cars start from about $60 NZD per day and can be picked up from Gladstone Airport (GLT) as soon as your flights to Gladstone arrive. 

One of the top reasons to book tickets to Gladstone is for access to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. While holidaying on flights to Gladstone, Heron Island is one of the best places to go for snorkelling, diving, and boat excursions out on the reef. The ferry from Gladstone to Heron Island costs $69 AUD ($71.90 NZD) per person. On the island, take part in a snorkelling excursion, which costs $50 AUD ($52.10 NZD) for adults and $30 AUD ($31.25 NZD) for children. Several free activities are available on Heron Island as well, including guided walks and a turtle presentation.

Food and drink are another aspect to budget for when you book tickets to Gladstone. Ordering a cappuccino from a local cafe costs about $4.50 AUD ($4.70 NZD), and a meal from a casual restaurant comes in at about $20 AUD ($20.85 NZD).