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Departure Date Last Updated^
Sun 01 Dec 02 Oct
Mon 02 Dec 02 Oct
Tue 03 Dec 02 Oct
Wed 04 Dec 02 Oct
Thu 05 Dec 03 Oct
Fri 06 Dec 09 Oct
Sun 08 Dec 05 Oct
Mon 09 Dec 05 Oct
Tue 10 Dec 11 Oct
Wed 11 Dec 11 Oct
Thu 12 Dec 14 Oct
Fri 13 Dec 14 Oct
Tue 17 Dec 03 Oct
Wed 18 Dec 02 Oct
Thu 19 Dec 06 Oct
Fri 20 Dec 13 Oct
Sat 21 Dec 14 Oct
Mon 23 Dec 12 Oct
Tue 24 Dec 04 Oct
Thu 26 Dec 04 Oct
Fri 27 Dec 04 Oct
Sat 28 Dec 11 Oct
Sun 29 Dec 11 Oct
Mon 30 Dec 02 Oct
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Departure Date
Sun 01 Dec
Updated on 02 Oct
$2,438 RETURN
Mon 02 Dec
Updated on 03 Oct
$2,553 RETURN
Tue 03 Dec
Updated on 04 Oct
$2,438 RETURN
Wed 04 Dec
Updated on 07 Oct
$2,605 RETURN
Thu 05 Dec
Updated on 03 Oct
$2,634 RETURN
Fri 06 Dec
Updated on 08 Oct
$2,543 RETURN
Sun 08 Dec
Updated on 05 Oct
$2,568 RETURN
Mon 09 Dec
Updated on 05 Oct
$2,521 RETURN
Tue 10 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$3,095 RETURN
Wed 11 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$2,507 RETURN
Thu 12 Dec
Updated on 07 Oct
$2,592 RETURN
Fri 13 Dec
Updated on 14 Oct
$2,516 RETURN
Tue 17 Dec
Updated on 03 Oct
$2,711 RETURN
Wed 18 Dec
Updated on 02 Oct
$2,616 RETURN
Thu 19 Dec
Updated on 06 Oct
$2,758 RETURN
Fri 20 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$2,886 RETURN
Sat 21 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$2,788 RETURN
Mon 23 Dec
Updated on 12 Oct
$2,507 RETURN
Tue 24 Dec
Updated on 04 Oct
$2,655 RETURN
Thu 26 Dec
Updated on 04 Oct
$2,655 RETURN
Fri 27 Dec
Updated on 04 Oct
$2,439 RETURN
Sat 28 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$2,699 RETURN
Sun 29 Dec
Updated on 11 Oct
$2,665 RETURN
Mon 30 Dec
Updated on 02 Oct
$2,616 RETURN

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A Guide to Frankfurt

Know Before You Go

  • Buy the Frankfurt Museumsufer Ticket. For EUR 18, you'll get access to 34 museums across the city and special exhibitions.
  • German's rarely eat with their hands. You can expect to see locals eating pizza, french fries and pretzels with a knife and fork.
  • You don't need to tip. Waiters, bellboys and porters won't expect it, but if you think the service is exceptional, you're welcome to leave a small tip.
  • Go to Sachsenhausen for the best cider in Frankfurt. The pints are cheap, and there are plenty of eateries selling delicious plates of food.
  • Keep small change in your bag. The public toilets in Frankfurt are not free, and you'll need to cough up EUR 0.50 if you need to use one while exploring the city.
  • Get online for free. Head to the nearest Starbucks, McDonald's or Burger King to use their WiFi without buying a data package.

Getting Around Frankfurt

With an extensive public transport system, it's easy to get around Frankfurt without breaking the bank.

Tickets for buses, streetcars and the subway cost around EUR 1.80 per ticket. But if you're planning on using the system a lot, buy a U-Bahn ticket for EUR 7. You'll get unlimited rides across all forms of public transport in the city.

If you're out late, take one of the Night Liner buses back to your hotel. It runs from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. every day.

Hire a bike and see the city at your own pace. Rentals start at EUR 10 per day and are available from most street corners 24/7.

Taxis are the most expensive way to get around Frankfurt. You can hail a driver from the street or go to one of the city's designated taxi stands. Fares start from EUR 2.50 and go up by EUR 1.70 every kilometre.

Only rent a car if you're planning a day trip outside of the city. Frankfurt has few parking spaces, and if you do manage to find a spot, the rates aren't cheap.

When is The Best Time to Visit Frankfurt?

The best time to visit Frankfurt depends on what you want to do.

June to August is summer in Frankfurt and the city's peak tourist season. You'll find loads of fairs, festivals and attractions to keep you busy. But you'll need to book your accommodation and flights a few months in advance to beat the rush and lock in lower prices.

If you want to escape the crowds, plan your trip around the two shoulder seasons. From April to May and August to September, the city empties out, and you'll find fewer people at the top attractions.

The cheapest time of year is during the winter months. Between December and March, temperatures drop to sub-zero temperatures, keeping many travellers away. But if you can handle the cold, you'll be rewarded with cheap hotel rates and the chance to experience Germany's famous Christmas markets.

Airports in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in the country. It operates 1,365 flights every day and passengers can fly to 275 destinations around the world. The airport is a hub for Lufthansa and a focus city for SunExpress and TUIfly.

Getting to and from Frankfurt Airport

The quickest way to get from the airport into the city centre is with the S-Bahn. Tickets cost EUR 4.65 per person, and the trains take 15 minutes to reach Frankfurt. The service runs every day from Terminal 1 at platforms 4 to 7.

Another option is to take the AirLiner bus. It runs from the airport to the main railway station in the city. The bus leaves every 30-60 minutes and tickets are EUR 8.45 each way or EUR 16.90 for a return.

If you prefer using private transportation, you'll find the taxi stand outside of the arrivals terminal, or you can make your reservation with TaxiTender. Trips into the city cost EUR 30 and take 20 minutes depending on the traffic.

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