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Esperance Guide

What should I know before visiting Esperance?

The famous Pink Lake isn’t as vibrant as it once was

You may have heard about Pink Lake, which sits just west of the Esperance CBD. While the lake was once a vibrant pink hue, it has altered over time to a pale blue. However, there’s another pink lake you can see when you book flights to Esperance. Lake Hillier is about 160 kilometres (100 miles) east of Esperance and is a striking shade of neon pink. Book a scenic flight over Lake Hillier when you book airfare to Esperance and you’ll be treated to an aerial view of this natural phenomenon.

Esperance is teeming with stylish shops

Although Esperance is small, it has a big personality when it comes to independent businesses. Stylish boutique shops are scattered throughout the CBD, and visitors can browse for locally-made clothing, jewellery, homeware, and beauty products. These local items make the perfect souvenirs for visitors with return flights to Esperance.

Spot kangaroos hopping along the beach

When you book tickets to Esperance from New Zealand, you might hope to encounter wild kangaroos for the first time. Luckily, kangaroo populations are strong in the region and you can even watch kangaroos hop along the beach. It doesn’t get more Australian than that! For the best chance of seeing kangaroos on the beach between your return flights to Esperance, stop by Lucky Bay on Cape Le Grand.


What are the top things to do when travelling with children to Esperance?

Twilight Beach

When you book airfare to Esperance with the kids, schedule in a few visits to the beach. There are countless beaches to visit around Esperance, including the gorgeous Twilight Beach. It’s located west of town beside the Blue Haven Headland. The 3.2-kilometre (2 mile) stretch of soft white sand against the turquoise ocean water is breathtaking and is one of the reasons Twilight Beach is called one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. The beach doesn’t get large waves, so it’s ideal for swimming. To reach Twilight Beach, drive west out of town along the scenic Great Ocean Drive.

Adventureland Park

If you book cheap flights to Esperance with young children, make sure a visit to Adventureland Park is on your list of things to do. The park is located right beside the Esplanade, in the centre of town. Adventureland Park has a variety of activities for families with kids, such as mini golf, a miniature railway, walking paths, and barbecue stations. Visit the park while holidaying on flights to Esperance when your kids need to run around and burn off some energy. The waterfront location on Esperance Bay also means there are some beautiful views.

Esperance Museum

Learn more about local history and culture between your return flights to Esperance by visiting the town’s official museum. The Esperance Museum offers a glimpse into the region’s heritage through artefacts that date back to the 1800s. Learn more about NASA Skylab that crashed to the earth near Esperance, locomotive history, shipwrecks, and see historic photographs of the Esperance area. Tickets to Esperance Museum cost $8.50 AUD ($8.90 NZD) for adults, $3.50 AUD ($3.70 NZD) for children, or $20 AUD ($21 NZD) for a family of four.


When is the best time to visit Esperance?

If you’re hoping for the perfect weather to accompany your WA holiday, plan your flights to Esperance for the summer months. In the summer, the area experiences very little rain and beautiful temperatures of about 26°C during the day. This is the ideal weather to beach hop around the Esperance area and also check out the beautiful national parks located close by. While Esperance doesn’t receive massive crowds like some other Aussie beach destinations, tourism numbers do increase in summer. Hotel rates can go up during this busy period, so be sure to book your room and cheap flights to Esperance early.

If you’re hoping for beautiful weather but minimal crowds, book flights to Esperance for the spring or autumn. Daytime temperatures average about 22°C – the perfect weather for hiking in the national parks. For the best rates on flights to Esperance and local accommodation, consider a winter visit. This is the quietest time in Esperance. Temperatures cool down a bit, hitting about 17°C during the day and dipping to about 8°C at night. Winter is much rainier than the summer months, so be sure to pack some wet weather gear before departing on your cheap flights to Esperance.


How much time should I spend in Esperance?

Esperance is the perfect destination for a weeklong getaway. Books flights to Esperance from New Zealand for seven days. While you’re in WA, take advantage of Webjet’s cheap flights and consider visiting another nearby destination. Catch a cheap flight out of Esperance Airport (EPR) to explore the vibrant city of Perth.