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Edmonton Guide

Know Before You Go

  • Edmonton is known as "The Festival City" because of its many events throughout the year that attract crowds from all over. The best time to go is during the city's summer months when there's a festival almost every single weekend.
  • The city is home to North America's biggest mall. West Edmonton Mall has over 800 stores, one of the world's largest indoor water parks, roller coasters and a full-size skating rink.
  • More than 30 species of mosquito live in the surrounding area. Make sure you pack enough mosquito repellent and cover up at night to reduce your chances of being bitten.
  • In winter, driving conditions can be dangerous. Before setting out on a trip, make sure you have a charged cell phone and an emergency kit in case anything goes wrong.
  • Eating out in Canada can get expensive. Restaurants have to add a federal sales tax, as well as any other provincial taxes. Meaning, your final bill could have an additional 15% charge.

Getting Around Edmonton

  • The best way to get around Edmonton is with the city's public transportation system. There are hundreds of safe and reliable buses that cover an extensive number of routes throughout the city. Buses run every 15 to 30 minutes and operate from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. A single ticket costs CAD 3.20, or you can get a day pass for CAD 8.25.
  • If you want to see the city at your own pace, without the expense of renting a car, Edmonton has excellent inner city bicycle routes. You can get a free city map from tourist information, and grab a bike from one of the companies around the city.
  • Getting around the city by car is easy and a great option for trips beyond the city's transport options. But if you do hire a car, watch your speed. If you're caught doing 60 in a 50 zone, it can cost you as much as CAD 111.
  • Taxis are available throughout the city centre, but it's easier to call ahead if you are in a rush. Fares start at CAD 3.60 and increase by the kilometre.
  • A unique way to get around Edmonton is with the Highlevel Bridge Streetcar. It goes past some of the most scenic spots in the city, and you'll get to ride on some the oldest operating streetcars. The service runs daily from May to September and on weekends in October.