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Thu 30 Nov 27 Nov
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Thu 30 Nov
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$238 ONE WAY
NZ Airlines

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Route information for flights from Wellington to Dunedin

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $238*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $79*
Cheapest month April 2024
Most expensive month April 2024
Average flight time 1h 15m

Dunedin Guide

What are the best things to do in Dunedin?

Visit Port Chalmers

Port Chalmers is a deep-water harbour named after Thomas Chalmers, one of the founders of the Free Church of Scotland. It’s 12 kilometres north of Dunedin - around 20 minutes by car or 40 by bus - and is a popular spot among locals and visiting tourists with flights from Wellington to Dunedin. With some great hiking trails and incredible scenery, you’ll be able to walk in the footsteps of the Antarctic expeditions that launched from the port. There’s a memorial to Captain Scott at the port commemorating his final expedition in 1910. History buffs should also visit the Port Chalmers Seafaring Museum. It houses some fantastic displays on Otago’s first settlers.

See yellow-eyed penguins

Visitors with Wellington to Dunedin flights can’t miss seeing Dunedin’s rare yellow-eyed penguins. Otago is home to a number of endangered species, but the penguins are among the most popular attractions with tourists. Penguin Place is around 40 minutes from the city centre, situated along the Otago Peninsula, and is a conservation reserve established to protect and care for these very unique birds. Join a guided tour to see and take pictures of the penguins.

Head for a tour and drink at Speight’s Brewery

With Wellington to Dunedin flights, you can head straight to the source of one of New Zealand’s favourite beers: Speight’s. The iconic brand has been creating its much-loved ale since 1876 and you can visit the brewery when you travel to Dunedin. It’s located in the centre of the city so you’ll have no trouble getting to it. Inside, you can learn about the history of the brewery, find out how it’s crafted and, best of all, sample some free beer at the end of the tour.

Go on a wildlife cruise

If you’ve booked flights to Dunedin from Wellington for the summer, a wildlife cruise is a fantastic way to see Otago’s diverse marine wildlife. On the cruise, you’ll get to see the world’s only mainland Royal Albatross colony and nesting place, plus fur seals, sea lions and incredible views of the peninsula itself. It’s a fantastic experience for visitors, especially those travelling with children.

What should I know before visiting Dunedin?


Dunedin is located in one of the wetter areas of the country. The Otago region has a temperate maritime climate, which means that the weather can change frequently, and rain and cloud is not uncommon. September is usually the driest month in the year; December is the wettest. Fortunately, the locals are well adapted to the weather, so there are plenty of fantastic cafes, restaurants, museums and art galleries to visit if you encounter some rain during your stay. As it can be cold outside of the summer months, you might be able to get some cheap flights from Wellington to Dunedin if you choose to travel at this time. The coldest month of the year in Dunedin is July. Daily temperatures usually average around 10°C, but can drop below zero and sometimes there’s snow. The hottest month of the year is January, averaging at around 19°C during the day.

Dunedin is compact

When you book tickets to Dunedin from Wellington, you probably won’t need to worry too much about booking a hire car or getting around the city on public transport. It’s a very compact city, with most of the main attractions, including Speight’s Brewery, the University of Otago and Otago Museum, found within close walking distance to one another. If you want to visit The Royal Albatross Centre, Penguin Place or the historic Fort Taiaroa out towards the Otago Peninsula, then you can easily get there by bus. Alternatively, you can hire a car from one of the rental companies near Dunedin Airport (DUD) if you’d like to get there quicker or simply want to travel a little more comfortably.

Can you see Dunedin in one weekend?

If you’ve only got the weekend free, you can still book cheap flights from Wellington to Dunedin and see and do plenty in the quaint South Island city. Here’s some activities you can fit into a two-day itinerary:

Larnach Castle

Larnach Castle is New Zealand’s only castle, making it a must-see for visitors with Wellington to Dunedin flights. It’s a 20-minute drive from the centre of the city and is an incredible piece of architecture.

Dunedin Railway Station

Built in 1904, Dunedin Railway Station is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It’s also home to a fantastic farmer’s market on weekends.

Taiaroa Head and The Royal Albatross Centre

Taiaroa Head is located at the tip of the Otago Peninsula and is where the fantastic Royal Albatross Centre is located. It’s the only mainland breeding colony of royal albatross in the world. The centre gives you the chance to view the birds up close in their natural habitat. Around an hour by car outside the city, it’s an experience that is well worth the journey.