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Thu 30 Nov 26 Nov
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Thu 30 Nov
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$395 ONE WAY
NZ Airlines

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Route information for flights from Napier to Dunedin

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $395*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $258*
Cheapest month April 2024
Most expensive month April 2024
Average flight time 1h 50m

Dunedin Guide

What should I know before visiting Dunedin?

Dunedin perfectly blends city with nature

While Dunedin has a bustling centre, you’ll find you’re never far from nature after arriving on flights Napier to Dunedin. The city is bordered by several parks, hills, the Otago Peninsula, and Otago Harbour. When you plan cheap flights Napier to Dunedin, you don’t need to choose between exploring the city or nature on a given day – the close proximity makes it possible to do both.

Dunedin is teeming with colourful street art

Dunedin has a thriving art scene, and this extends into the city’s street art. Wherever you wander around the city after Napier to Dunedin flights, you’re likely to spot beautiful and colourful street murals. Some of the best places to take in the city’s street art are Vogel Street and Moray Place.

Penguin colonies can be spotted near Dunedin

If you love animals, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of opportunities to spot wild penguins when you have Napier to Dunedin return flights. Penguins can often be seen around dusk as they return to their nests. Along the Otago Peninsula, visitors with flights Napier to Dunedin can see little blue penguins and rare yellow-eyed penguins.


What can you do in Dunedin over the weekend?

Dunedin Botanic Garden

Dunedin Botanic Garden was established in 1863, making it the oldest botanic garden in New Zealand. When you have cheap flights to Dunedin from Napier, you’ll find this sprawling garden just north of the city. The gardens are home to a variety of native NZ plants as well as European species that were brought over by early settlers to the Otago region. When you have flights Napier to Dunedin, head to the Botanic Garden for a scenic walk. Among the many gardens that can be seen, some of the most well-known are the Rhododendron Dell, the Wintergarden Glasshouse, and the Water Garden.

Taiaroa Head

After arriving on your cheap flights Napier to Dunedin, take a few hours and head out to Taiaroa Head on the tip of the Otago Peninsula. This stunning area can be reached in less than 40 minutes by car from the city centre. There’s so much to see while visiting Taiaroa Head, such as rugged cliffs, a colony of southern fur seals, penguins on Pilots Beach, Fort Taiaroa, and the Royal Albatross Observatory. From this observatory, visitors travelling on plane tickets to Dunedin from Napier can view the only mainland albatross colony in the Southern Hemisphere.

Olveston Historic Home

When you book flights into Dunedin Airport (DUD), you may feel as if you stepped into a time capsule due to the region’s historic architecture. One of the best examples of this is the Olveston Historic Home. This historic building was built in 1906 using inspiration from traditional English styles and local materials such as North Otago limestone and Moeraki pebbles. Inside, the Olveston Historic Home displays an impressive collection of art and artefacts from around the world. The home was occupied until 1966, and has hardly changed since then. Visiting Olveston Historic Home after your Napier to Dunedin flights offers a look into how people of Dunedin lived in the early 1900s.


What are the best restaurants and cafes in Dunedin?

Etrusco at the Savoy

Etrusco is one of the premier Italian restaurants to visit when you have Napier to Dunedin flights. The family-owned restaurant dish up all of the classics of Italian cuisine, including pizza, pasta, and decadent desserts. The interior of Etrusco is cosy and welcoming, and there is an open fire place that roars to life during winter. Those planning on dining here while travelling on flights Napier to Dunedin have the option of ordering a la carte, or can take up the banquet to have all bases - antipasto, Tuscan focaccia, pizza, pasta and sweets - taken care of.

Bacchus Wine Bar and Restaurant

Bacchus is a high-end restaurant known among locals for serving some of the best food in Dunedin. The restaurant combines the flavours of France with local ingredients from around the Otago region. Some must-try dishes after your Napier to Dunedin flights include yellowfin tuna tataki, confit duck served with cointreau jus, and grilled polenta with portobello mushrooms and blue cheese. To accompany your meal, Bacchus has an extensive drink menu with a particular focus on New Zealand wines.

Ironic Cafe and Bar

Ironic Cafe and Bar is a stylish spot located next to Dunedin Railway Station. The cafe has a large outdoor patio with views of the Railway Station and plenty of natural light inside. When you plan cheap flights to Dunedin from Napier, try to head to Ironic for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee, or a drink. The cafe sources ingredients from local farmers and producers, and some of the menu items to choose between after flights Napier to Dunedin include an award-winning brunch stack, eggs benedict, rosemary-crusted lamb, and green lip mussels in tamarind broth, and black doris plum cheesecake.