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Departure Date Last Updated^
Wed 19 Jun 07 Jun
Thu 20 Jun 09 Jun
Fri 21 Jun 12 Jun
Sat 22 Jun 09 Jun
Sun 23 Jun 13 Jun
Wed 26 Jun 08 Jun
Thu 27 Jun 11 Jun
Sat 29 Jun 09 Jun
Sun 30 Jun 10 Jun
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Departure Date
Wed 19 Jun
Updated on 07 Jun
$301* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Thu 20 Jun
Updated on 09 Jun
$258* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Fri 21 Jun
Updated on 12 Jun
$258* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Sat 22 Jun
Updated on 09 Jun
$225* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Sun 23 Jun
Updated on 13 Jun
$258* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Wed 26 Jun
Updated on 08 Jun
$258* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Thu 27 Jun
Updated on 11 Jun
$301* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Sat 29 Jun
Updated on 09 Jun
$225* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines
Sun 30 Jun
Updated on 10 Jun
$301* ONE WAY
NZ Airlines

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Route information for flights from Hamilton to Dunedin

Cheapest one-way price for the current month from $225*
Cheapest one-way price over next 6 months from $139*
Cheapest month November 2024
Most expensive month November 2024
Average flight time 1h 50m

Dunedin Guide

Top Things to Do and See

Taiaroa Head

Make your way to the very end of the Otago Peninsula to visit Taiaroa Head. There’s plenty to see and do at Taiaroa Head while holidaying on flights from Hamilton to Dunedin. See the Taiaroa Head Lighthouse, take a scenic walk around Harrington Point, and spot fur seals, sea lions, and little blue penguins at Pilots Beach. Another of Taiaroa’s claims to fame – it’s the only mainland spot in the world to host a colony of northern royal albatross. You can learn more about albatross and see some up close by touring the Royal Albatross Centre wildlife sanctuary.

Otago Museum

Learn all about New Zealand’s Otago region by paying a visit to the local museum. The Otago Museum houses one of the country’s largest museum collections, so there’s a lot to take in. Some exhibits showcase the unique history and culture of Otago while others look at New Zealand as a whole. Visitors can learn all about the Maori people of the South Island, the geology of New Zealand, and the native wildlife that can be seen across NZ. The Discovery World portion of Otago Museum has plenty of interactive exhibits. Get hands-on with various activities and enjoy a stroll through the Tropical Forest butterfly house.

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach is home to some dramatic sandstone cliffs and arches. Take in the view from the various vantage points on top of the cliffs, then venture down a narrow tunnel that leads right to the beach. Spend some time relaxing, take a scenic beach walk, and keep your eyes peeled for fossils, which can sometimes be spotted on Tunnel Beach. The beach is worth visiting year-round but you’ll have the most enjoyable time if you book Hamilton to Dunedin flights for a summer trip.

The Best Time to Visit

The time of year you should visit Dunedin depends on what type of experience you’re after. Summer is the most popular time of year to visit Otago, especially for travellers who are looking to spend time on the beaches and enjoy water activities. Temperatures hit a comfortable 16° to 17°C most days, and evenings can dip to about 11° to 12°C.

Autumn and spring are shoulder seasons between the busy summer and quiet winter. Temperatures range from about 8° to 15°C during these times of the year. While it’s often too cold to spend time on the beach, you can still enjoy plenty of outdoor attractions comfortably. Another benefit to visiting Dunedin in the autumn or spring are the colours – vibrant foliage in autumn and pretty blooms in spring.

Consider booking cheap flights from Hamilton to Dunedin for a winter getaway if you’re after a bargain. It’s the low season, so hotel rates tend to be at their lowest. Temperatures cool down but not drastically – daytime averages of about 9° to 10°C mean you can still enjoy brisk hikes. Wildlife spotting is at its peak during the winter. Head out to the Otago Peninsula for a chance to see albatross, fur seals, little blue penguins, and sea lions. Dunedin is also home to plenty of fun indoor attractions, so you can still have a fun day out on chillier days.

Public Transport and How to Get Around

Hiring a car is the best way to explore the greater Dunedin area as many of the most famous landmarks are located outside of the city limits. A car will allow you to quickly and easily reach attractions on the Otago Peninsula and the beaches along the Otago coastline. You can hire a car with Webjet after booking your cheap flights from Hamilton to Dunedin and pick it up once you arrive.

A local bus network is available to visitors who won’t have access to a car. Orbus operates 23 bus routes around Dunedin and the surrounding suburbs. You can also catch the bus from Dunedin to some nearby towns like Port Chalmers and Palmerston.


What airlines fly from Hamilton to Dunedin?

Air New Zealand operates flights from Hamilton to Dunedin with a stopover. There are currently no direct flight paths between the two cities.

How long does it take to fly from Hamilton to Dunedin?

Flights from Hamilton to Dunedin are available from about three and a half hours, including a stopover.

How much do flights from Hamilton to Dunedin cost?

Hamilton to Dunedin flights usually fall in the range of $115 to $200 NZD one-way. Specific rates can vary based on when you plan to travel – you’ll likely find cheaper options during the winter low season and rates at the higher end of the spectrum during the busy tourism season.