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Dubai Guide

Guide to Dubai

Full of history, culture, and beauty, Dubai is a city that everyone must visit at least once. The city is constantly transforming, so even if you’ve been to Dubai before, you’ll get a new experience every time. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and is located between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Desert, surrounding the city with natural beauty on every side. In the city centre, Dubai has one of the most impressive skylines in the world and is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper. Dubai is also known for its great food and drink scene. All throughout the city, you’ll find great restaurants and cafes featuring local food and lots of international cuisines, and nightlife that never takes a night off.

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When is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Dubai?

Due to its desert location, Dubai experiences two seasons: hot and hotter. Winter is generally considered the best time to visit as temperatures are comfortable during the day. However, this is also high season, meaning Dubai is crowded and hotel prices increase. Summer offers the lowest prices on flights to Dubai, but gets extremely hot during the day. For a great deal, book cheap airfares to Dubai in autumn or spring. Outside of high season, the prices are affordable, and weather is comfortable throughout the day. To experience lots of excitement and festivity, plan your flights to Dubai for the Islamic New Year celebration in October.


Travelling to Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Located just 12 km from the city centre, Dubai International Airport is the main destination for flights to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. From DXB, you can catch the Dubai Metro into the city centre. This is the quickest way to reach central Dubai from the airport. The metro’s Red Line has stations at both Terminals 1 and 3 at the airport and makes several stops across the city centre. Public buses are also available from each terminal and offer routes to about 80 hotels around central Dubai. For a direct ride, you can catch a taxi into the city centre for about 75 dirhams ($30 NZD).


What to do in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa

Dubai is famously home to the world’s tallest building—the 828 metre Burj Khalifa. This building dominates Dubai’s already impressive skyline, so it would be impossible to book flights to Dubai without seeing it. Wherever you are in Dubai, you can always catch a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa. Head to the top for incredible views over Dubai, the surrounding desert, and the Persian Gulf. The Burj Khalifa is also one of the only places in the world where you can watch two sunsets back-to-back. After you’ve seen the sunset in the city, you can head up to the top of the tower to watch the sunset all over again. Be sure to book your spot at the Burj Khalifa in advance as tickets regularly sell out.


Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai has a number of beautiful mosques to visit, but this is one of the best. Jumeirah Mosque is open to visitors and welcomes everyone, regardless of their religion. The mosque was beautifully designed in white stone and acts as a perfect contrast to the modern skyscrapers of Dubai. At the mosque, you can learn about the Islamic religion and culture and even sample some traditional Arabic food and coffee.


Dubai Waterfront

The city of Dubai is located right on the Persian Gulf and has some beautiful coastal spots throughout the city. The Dubai Marina is 8 km long and is lined with restaurants, cafes, and nightlife. For a beach experience, visit the Palm Jumeirah or the Palm Jebel Ali, which are also home to several Dubai hotels and resorts. Just off the coast of the city, you can visit The World. This is a manmade series of islands, with each one representing a different country. The Dubai Waterfront is constantly changing, which keeps it exciting.


Dubai Gold and Spice Souks

For a taste of “Old Dubai,” leave the city centre and visit the city’s souks. In the Middle East, souks are bustling markets that sell a variety of things. The gold souk sells gold jewellery, and the spice souks have more spices than you even knew existed. The souks are busy, but make for a great experience. Vendors expect you to haggle prices, so don’t settle for the listed price!


The Al Maha Desert

While Dubai is a large, modernised city, just outside its boundaries are some beautiful Arabian deserts. The peaceful Al Maha Desert is located just beyond the city limits and offers a much different experience than central Dubai. Several tour companies offer day trips into the Al Maha Desert where you can see desert wildlife, walk along sand dunes, and ride camels.


Getting Around Dubai

As a large city, Dubai offers plenty of transportation options to visitors. A metro system runs all throughout the city and makes stops at some of the most popular tourist areas in Dubai, such as the Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, and Gold Souk. If your hotel is located on one of the city’s “palms,” you can catch a tram or a monorail into the city centre. Affordably priced taxis and Ubers are also available all throughout the city. And if you’re feeling fancy, you could even order a helicopter through Uber for an aerial view over Dubai!