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Flights to Dubai Mar 2024 Apr 2024 May 2024 Jun 2024 Jul 2024 Aug 2024 Cheapest Flight
Departing Auckland CZ Airlines
$1,870* RETURN
CZ Airlines
$1,870* RETURN
CZ Airlines
$1,870* RETURN
CZ Airlines
$1,870* RETURN
Best Price MU Airlines
$1,318* RETURN
$1,318* RETURN
Travel in June
Travel to Dubai from Auckland with MU Airlines
Departing Christchurch EK Airlines
$2,293* RETURN
EK Airlines
$2,293* RETURN
QF Airlines
$2,412* RETURN
Best Price SQ Airlines
$2,175* RETURN
SQ Airlines
$2,268* RETURN
SQ Airlines
$2,176* RETURN
$2,175* RETURN
Travel in May
Travel to Dubai from Christchurch with SQ Airlines
Departing Wellington QF Airlines
$2,365* RETURN
QF Airlines
$2,365* RETURN
CX Airlines
$2,574* RETURN
- - EK Airlines
$2,565* RETURN
$2,290* RETURN
Travel in August
Travel to Dubai from Wellington with SQ Airlines
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Dubai Guide

Major Events and Festivals in Dubai

Dubai International Jazz Festival

One of the top annual events in Dubai is the Dubai International Jazz Festival. It attracts more than 500,000 visitors from around the world, and the festival won the Best Music Festival Award at the TimeOut Nightlife Awards in 2018. If you want to attend, you'll need to buy your tickets and flights to Dubai well in advance.

Dubai International Film Festival

If you're a cinephile planning to buy tickets to Dubai, plan your trip around the Dubai International Film Festival. The event plays films from the Arab world as well as Oscar-nominated movies from the west. Conde Nast Traveler has named the festival one of the top 15 film festivals in the world several times over. The event usually takes place in December and it’s the perfect excuse to buy tickets to Dubai for the end-of-year holidays.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a destination known as one where visitors can splurge on designer brands and five-star resorts. The Dubai Shopping Festival celebrates retail therapy and all the stores in the Dubai Mall promote massive discounts. No matter if you're searching for a bargain on that Louis Vuitton bag or another designer good - there is something for everybody! If you want to shop 'til you drop, buy your return flights to Dubai for January and get your credit card ready!

Taste Of Dubai

For foodies, the Taste of Dubai is an incredible event to plan your trip to Dubai around. The festival attracts visitors from around the world as well as some of the top celebrity chefs for demonstrations and events. Some of Dubai's fine dining restaurants dalso lower the prices on their signature dishes. It's an excellent time to buy airfare to Dubai if you're a foodie on a budget.


Top Things to Do and See in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai's most well-known attractions. It's the tallest building in the world, and its observation deck on the 124th floor is the best spot to get a bird's eye view of the city below. Travellers buying cheap flights to Dubai should book their tickets to the Burj Khalifa in advance. It will save you time waiting in long lines, especially if you're in town over a weekend.

Dubai Museum

Want to learn more about Dubai's history? The Dubai Museum is situated inside the Al-Fahidi Fort that was built in 1797. Today, it houses a fascinating exhibition of relics. Travellers buying flights to Dubai can see maps of the Emirates, traditional boats, weaponry, artefacts from the Al Qusais archaeological site and Bedouin desert life.

Burj al-Arab

The Burj al-Arab is another impressive architectural feat that’s a must-see attraction for travellers buying return flights to Dubai. It's the world's tallest hotel and stands on an artificial island. It's also one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. Guests can expect to pay at least $15,000 USD ($23, 300 NZD) for a one-night stay. If that's beyond your budget, travellers buying flights to Dubai can still soak up the opulence with a dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant. Or you can book an afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar and enjoy panoramic views over the city.

Bastakia Quarter

The Bastakia Quarter is a beautiful part of Dubai to explore. Travellers booking return flights to Dubai can wander around the excellently preserved buildings and learn about life along Dubai Creek in the 19th century. Some of the highlights include the Arabian architecture, The Majlis Gallery and the Alserkal Cultural Foundation.


Dubai Neighbourhood Overview

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeriah Beach is one of the top neighbourhoods for people buying flights to Dubai. You can relax at the private resorts along the Persian Gulf and spend your holiday water-skiing and windsurfing. There are also several restaurants, bars and beach clubs to explore in the area and it’s only a 20-minute drive from Dubai International Airport (DXB).

Dubai Marina

Another popular choice for travellers is Dubai Marina. It's home to the Dubai Marina Walk, which is lined with upscale restaurants and cafes for you to eat your way through. Tourists booking cheap flights to Dubai that stay in this neighbourhood will also have an excellent view of the city's impressive skyscrapers.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeriah is an artificial island in Dubai. It's designed to look like a palm tree and is situated in the Arabian Gulf. Travellers buying flights to Dubai can choose from the 1,500 beachfront mansions, or stay in one of the luxurious hotels and resorts.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for first-time visitors buying cheap flights to Dubai. It's where you'll find attractions like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. It's the perfect option for travellers that want easy access to the city and don't mind staying in the heart of Dubai. The neighbourhood is also only a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport (DXB) or a 40-minute ride with the city’s public transportation system.