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What should I know before visiting Da Nang?

Make sure you are up-to-date on travel vaccines

Before boarding flights to Da Nang, it is recommended that all travellers are vaccinated against hepatitis, typhoid, rabies, and Japanese encephalitis - particularly if you’ll be spending time in rural areas.

Carry both Vietnamese dong and US dollars

Most local vendors do business in the local currency, which is Vietnamese dong. However, after your cheap flights to Da Nang, you’ll find that many businesses in the tourism industry prefer to use US dollars. You may need US dollars when booking a tour or paying for accommodation. Before catching your return flights to Da Nang, make sure to have both dong and dollars to use during your trip.

Be prepared to haggle prices

After arriving to Vietnam on cheap flights to Da Nang, it is commonplace to haggle prices when purchasing local goods or services. Vendors often inflate prices while selling to tourists, so don’t be afraid to haggle the price down a bit. Places to haggle include shops, markets, and while catching taxis. Another tip is to avoid wearing expensive jewellery or watches after flights to Da Nang; these can cause vendors to start at a higher price.


What are the best things to do in Da Nang

The Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains are a dramatic natural landmark in the southern end of Da Nang, made up of five limestone and marble hills. Legends and folklore surround the Marble Mountains, making it a great place to learn more about local culture when you have airfare to Da Nang. In order to climb the Marble Mountains, there are sets of stairs carved into the peaks. From the top, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view over the city and coastline. Other things to experience at the Marble Mountains after your cheap flights to Da Nang include caves and Buddhist temples.

Dragon Bridge

Da Nang is known as a city of bridges, and the most recognisable is the Dragon Bridge. This bridge is located in the heart of the city and extends across the Han River. While exploring the city after flights to Da Nang, Dragon Bridge will instantly stand out due to its unique design. It’s shaped like a dragon and features a large dragon head that overlooks the city. At night, colourful LED lights cause the bridge to glow. If you book tickets to Da Nang for a weekend or national holiday, visit Dragon Bridge at 9pm for an unforgettable light show in which the dragon spits out flames.

Ba Na Hills

When you book airfare to Da Nang, plan a day trip out of the city to the stunning Ba Na Hills. This popular attraction is located about 40 kilometres (25 miles) west of central Da Nang. While visiting the Ba Na Hills, you can catch a cable car to the summit for a breathtaking view over the rolling hills and coastline that surround Da Nang. At the top of the Ba Na Hills, you can also explore a unique village that features a castle, restaurants, and Fantasy Park thrill rides. The village is designed to look like it belongs in the French Alps, offering a unique experience compared to other places you’ll visit after cheap flights to Da Nang.


What is the cost of visiting Da Nang?

Whether you are looking to have a luxury getaway or a budget holiday, you can easily find both when you book plane tickets to Da Nang. When booking airfare to Da Nang, you can also book your accommodation through Webjet. High-end hotels start from about $100 to $150 NZD per night; however, low-cost options are also available, with some hotel rooms as low as $15 NZD per night.

Once you have arrived to Da Nang International Airport (DAD), you can catch a taxi into the city centre in about 15 minutes. Visitors with flights to Da Nang can catch a taxi to the city for about 60,000 dong (about $4.10 NZD). Once you are in the city, a public bus is available to help you explore. A ticket to ride the bus costs 5,000 dong (about 35 cents NZD).

While spending time in Vietnam after return flights to Da Nang, the cost of food and drink in the city won’t hurt your hip-pocket. When you eat at a sit-down restaurant, you can expect to pay about 50,000 dong ($3.40 NZD) for a meal. If you’d like to accompany your meal with a domestic beer, it will cost about 30,000 dong (about $2.05 NZD). Finally, if you’d like to start your mornings with a cup of coffee after flights to Da Nang, a latte from a local cafe comes to about 35,000 dong ($2.40 NZD).

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