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Copenhagen Guide

What should I know before visiting Copenhagen?

Experience “hygge” by booking tickets to Copenhagen in autumn or winter

Hygge is a Danish concept that encompasses different aspects of cosiness in the colder months. It includes comfortable things such as log fires, woolly jumpers, scented candles, board games with friends… anything that can make you feel warm and cosy inside. You can experience the ultimate in hygge if you plan return flights to Copenhagen in autumn or winter.

Denmark does not use the Euro

Although Denmark is part of the EU, it does not use the Euro. Instead, the currency you’ll need to use after flights to Copenhagen is the Danish krone. $1 NZD equals about 4.30 krone.

You can spend a day in Sweden

Copenhagen is located across the Øresund Strait from Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city. When you book return flights to Copenhagen, you can get two for the price of one by jumping across the water to experience the culture of this Swedish city. Trains travel from Copenhagen Central Station and Malmö in about 35 minutes.


What are Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks and monuments?


After arriving on cheap flights to Copenhagen, you’ll find colourful buildings all over the city. Nyhavn is the city’s most iconic spot with colourful buildings surrounding a 17th-century canal. It’s a great place to soak up the lively local atmosphere after your flights to Copenhagen. Nyhavn is lined by a variety of restaurants and bars and regularly hosts live music and outdoor events. Strolling along Nyhavn provides visitors with beautiful waterfront views and is especially scenic during sunrise and sunset.

The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen native Hans Christian Andersen wrote some of the world’s most beloved fairy tales. This particular landmark was inspired by Andersen’s most famous story – The Little Mermaid. The statue was constructed from bronze and granite and sits on the Copenhagen shoreline. After your flights to Copenhagen, walk just north of the city centre to admire the Little Mermaid sculpture. This is one of the most popular attractions among tourists who have booked airfare to Copenhagen, so plan your visit early in the day to beat the crowds.

Amalienborg Palace

There are several castles and palaces to visit around Copenhagen, including the dignified Amalienborg Palace. The palace consists of four identical buildings that all centre around an octagonal courtyard. Visit this courtyard at noon when you have flights to Copenhagen to witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Visitors with airfare to Copenhagen can also tour the palace for an inside look at one of Europe’s oldest monarchies. Rooms you can view inside the palace include the garden room, the golden dining room, the costume gallery, and Gala Hall.

Tivoli Gardens

The second oldest amusement park in the world is located right in the city centre and is a major attraction to visit when you book return flights to Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens features beautiful architecture and gardens, as well as a variety of rides. Each section of the park features unique architecture and designs, live entertainment, and great dining options. Tivoli Gardens is a magical way to spend a day after cheap flights to Copenhagen. The park even served as inspiration for Walt Disney when he was designing his first amusement park.


What is the best way to get around Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has a 24-hour public transport network that operates across trains, buses, and a metro system. Once your cheap flights to Copenhagen arrive into Kastrup International Airport (CPH), you can catch the yellow line of the metro into the city centre. Major stops on the yellow line include Christianshavn, Nørreport, and Frederiksberg.

Once you are in the city centre, the metro is a great way to make your way around the city. It operates across four lines and connects to many of Copenhagen’s top attractions. Outside of the metro system, trains operate from Copenhagen Central Station. These trains offer service to suburbs of Copenhagen, other cities in Denmark, and into Sweden. If you’re hoping to visit somewhere off the beaten path when you have tickets to Copenhagen, a bus network is also available and travels into the far corners of the city that may not be easily accessible by metro or train.

If you want to live like a local after your flights to Copenhagen, do like the Danes do and get around the city by bike. There are more bikes than cars in Copenhagen, so it’s a very popular way to travel. The city has a network of bikes that you can rent after arriving on cheap flights to Copenhagen. Almost every road in central Copenhagen has a separate bike lane, making cycling a safe and easy way to visit tourist sites around the city.