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What are the best things to do in Christmas Island?

Dolly Beach

There are a handful of beaches to visit after arriving on flights to Christmas Island. Dolly Beach is located on the southeastern edge of the island and is one of the most well-known stretches of sand. Access Dolly Beach after your cheap flights to Christmas Island by wandering down a boardwalk through the forest, which opens up onto the secluded beach. Dolly Beach feels like a true paradise with coconut palm trees, shallow rock pools, and a coral reef right offshore. Dolly Beach is also a great place to view local wildlife after flights to Christmas Island. Both sea turtles and robber crabs can be spotted here!

The Grotto

The Grotto is a must-visit destination when you book airfare to Christmas Island. It is a scenic cave that features a bright blue swimming hole. Stalagmites and stalactites emerge from the ceiling and floor of the cave, giving it a unique and other-worldy appearance. In order to reach the Grotto after your cheap flights to Christmas Island, you will need to descend down a rocky 200-metre (656 foot) track. Once you’re in the cave, take a dip in the swimming hole and admire the natural beauty. If you book tickets to Christmas Island during the crab migration in October/November, the Grotto is also a great place to view newly-hatched crabs.

Flying Fish Cove

Flying Fish Cove is the capital and the main settlement of Christmas Island. After arriving into Christmas Island Airport (XCH), spend some time in Flying Fish Cove to experience its legendary snorkelling and diving. Just offshore from the capital is the edge of the Java Trench, which is the deepest point in the Indian Ocean. While snorkelling and diving tours are available in many spots around Christmas Island, the reef in Flying Fish Cove is often considered to be the best. While snorkelling or diving in Flying Fish Cove after flights to Christmas Island, you’ll see brightly-coloured coral and a wide variety of marine wildlife, such as the Blue Tang fish, Hawksbill turtles, dolphins, and perhaps even whale sharks.

The Dales

The Dales is a beautiful wetland on the western edge of Christmas Island. There is a lot to see within the Dales, including waterfalls, gorges, unique vegetation, and streams that flow from underground caves. When you have return flights to Christmas Island, the Dales is a great place to experience the tropical rainforest ecosystem of the island. There are two different walking tracks in the Dales, which wind their way to the stunning Hughs Dale waterfall and Merrial Beach. You can also spot wildlife at the Dales after your cheap flights to Christmas Island, including blue crabs, various tropical birds, and millions of red crabs which pass through the Dales during their annual migration.


How much time should I spend on Christmas Island?

While there is a lot to see and do on Christmas Island, the isle is small and compact. This allows you to see and do many activities in a short amount of time. Book your cheap flights to Christmas Island for a period of about five to seven days. Many travellers also like to combine a trip to Christmas Island with a few days on the nearby Cocos Island. Cheap flights between Christmas Island and Cocos Island can be booked through Webjet.

When is the best time to visit Christmas Island?

Christmas Island is located near the Equator, meaning warm weather year round. No matter what time of year you book an airfare to Christmas Island, expect daytime temperatures around 29°C and nighttime temperatures of about 24°C. Humidity is common, particularly during the wet season which falls between November and May. If you plan flights to Christmas Island during the wet season, you may experience tropical rain showers several times a week and high levels of humidity. On the other hand, the dry season experiences very little rain and low levels of humidity. In terms of weather, the dry season is the ideal time to book return flights to Christmas Island; however, this is also the busiest season on the island. During the dry season, hotel rates increase and rooms can book out quickly. For nice weather and moderate tourist levels, consider booking tickets to Christmas Island in the early months of the dry season.

For an extra special experience, book your flights to Christmas Island for the crab migration in late October and early November. During this annual event, about 60 million baby crabs hatch and make their way from the rainforests to the ocean. The crab migration is a popular time to book return flights to Christmas Island, so be sure to lock your accommodation in early if you’ll be visiting at this time.

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