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Tips for First-Time Travellers to Port Vila

Cost of activities in Port Vila

You don't need to spend a lot to experience some of Port Vila's top attractions. Entrance to the famous Cascades waterfalls only costs 2,500 VUV ($32 NZD) per person. For travellers buying flights Christchurch to Port Vila, you can rent snorkel gear for the entire week for 3,000 VUV ($40 NZD). Adventurous types can also rent a kayak for 2,500 VUV ($32 NZD) or go parasailing for 9,000 VUV ($120 NZD) per person.

How to save money in Port Vila

There are tons of ways for budget travellers booking cheap flights Christchurch to Port Vila to save money. Take the local bus from the city centre to the Cascades for 500 VUV ($6 NZD). It's much cheaper than signing up for a group tour, and you can stay for as long as you'd like.

Money in Port Vila

Don't exchange your money at Bauerfield International Airport (VLI) when your Christchurch to Port Vila return flights arrive. You'll get a much better rate of exchange in the city. The official currency for Vanuatu is the Vatu. 1 New Zealand dollar is equal to approximately 80 Vatu, making it an extremely affordable destination for Kiwis wanting to book flights Christchurch to Port Vila.

Visa for Vanuatu

Kiwis do not need to apply for a visa for Vanuatu beforehand. Once your Christchurch to Port Vila flights land, you'll get an entry stamp on arrival that's valid for 90 days.

Tipping in Port Vila

Tipping is not expected in Port Vila. If you feel that the service you received was exceptional, a simple thank you to your server is more than enough to express your gratitude. Another thing travellers buying flights Christchurch to Port Vila should keep in mind is that it's not customary to bargain even at the markets.

Port Vila electrical plugs and voltage

The voltage in Vanuatu is 220-240. It's a good idea for travellers booking cheap flights to Port Vila from Christchurch to bring along a converter if you plan to use tools like hair dryers, straighteners or other appliances.

Public Transport and How to Get Around Port Vila


Once your flights Christchurch to Port Vila land, the cheapest way to get around is with the local bus. You'll see minibus with a B on their number plate driving all around town. There aren't any scheduled stops, so you'll need to wave one down and tell the driver where you want to go. When you've reached your destination, you'll pay the driver when you get off. For the most part, you can expect to pay 150 VUV ($2 NZD) or 200 VUV ($2.60 NZD) for the Mele Cascades.


If you want more reliable transportation in Port Vila, there are plenty of taxis to flag down. When your flights Christchurch to Port Vila arrive at Bauerfield International Airport (VLI), you can take a cab to your accommodation for around 1,500 VUV ($20 NZD). When catching a taxi in the city, you need to agree on a price with the driver before you get in as the cabs are unmetered. Keep in mind that fares will be more expensive than other destinations. This is mainly because of the high costs for importing fuel and car parts into Vanuatu.

Car Rental

One of the best ways to explore Vanuatu is to hire a car. When paying for your Christchurch to Port Vila flights via Webjet, you can add a car rental at checkout. When you arrive, your vehicle will be ready for collection at Bauerfield International Airport (VLI). Having your own set of wheels will give you the freedom to go on day trips and discover some of the lesser-known gems on the island!

The Best Time to Visit Port Vila

The best time to visit Port Vila in Vanuatu, all depends on what kind of holiday you want. If you're after that perfect tropical weather without a rain cloud in sight, book your tickets to Port Vila from Christchurch between April and October. The temperatures are comfortable and the humidity is bearable.

However, the favourable weather conditions mean it's high season for Vanuatu. You're going to pay more for Christchurch to Port Vila return flights, and accommodation rates are higher. The beaches will also have more people and activities can book out.

If you're searching for cheap flights to Port Vila from Christchurch, plan your trip between November to March. It's the wet season, and the showers tend to keep most travellers away, driving down airfare costs. But the good news is that the rain is short-lived and you'll still have a full day to explore!