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Chennai Guide

Need to Know About Chennai

  • Chennai, a place where military and holy sites from the past can be found in the same place. As Tamil Nadu's capital, Chennai was founded off the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The history of this Indian city goes back to pre-historic times as tools from the stone age were found in one of the areas of the city. In more recent centuries people from Portugal, England and France have left their mark on this city, leaving proof of historic conflicts in the form of forts and other fortifications. Many people book cheap airfares to Chennai just to see them.
  • This mystical land also is home to churches, temples, and monuments, all worth taking the time to explore and appreciate their beauty as well as historical significance. For the cost of airfares to Chennai, you can also see the centre of the Tamil film industry, also known as Kollywood.
  • Whether you are a history buff or want to unwind during one of the local festivals Chennai will have something to offer you. Book cheap flights to Chennai today with Webjet and start planning your Indian adventure.


When is the Best Time Visit Chennai?

The seasons can very hot or rainy, so you need to choose your Cheap flights to Chennai wisely. During summer temperatures near the end of May and the beginning of June can be as high as 42°C. The rain really pours down in the monsoon season which last from July through to September. To avoid the rain and heat, it is most recommended to visit Chennai during winter, which is between the months of November and February. The temperature is usually a cool 20-24°C and ideal for exploring the city. There are also special local festivals held in January and December. By using Webjet’s services you could book Cheap flights to Chennai with one of the many airlines flying to mystical India.


Travelling to Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport MAA

Located 21 kilometres from Chennai’s city centre, Chennai International Airport (MAA) serves as the main international airport of the region. They service about 20 million travellers per year making them India’s 4th biggest airport. Dealing with so many travellers who book cheap airfares to Chennai means there are a few transportation options so leaving and getting to Chennai International Airport won’t be a problem. Among the car services, Uber is always available as well as the popular Fastrack Cabs service who offers a competitive taxi fare. Another popular option would be Chennai Metro line, which costs INR 70 (NZD 1.5) for a one-way ticket, and it connects the airport to the Blue Line on Chennai’s Central train station.


What to do in Chennai

Live Art Museum

You probably have heard of famous wax museums around the world, but what about the world’s first silicone museum? Visitors report the models to look especially realistic. If you ever wanted a picture with a life-size Mona Lisa or Jacky Chan, here’s your opportunity. All of this available for a small price of admission and airfares to Chennai.

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

There are many noteworthy temples located in Chennai, but it is said that the Sri Parthasarathy Temple is the oldest one in the city. King Narasimhavarman I founded this great temple in the 8th century. It is dedicated to the Hindu God Krishna. The intricate carvings, ornamented shrines, and abundant statues have been attracting tourists for years. Taking flights to Chennai will be worth time once you visit this place.

VGP Snow Kingdom

Visiting during the hot season and looking for a place to cool down? Sure, you could go to a café and have a cold drink, but how about visiting a snow kingdom? The VGP Snow Kingdom is an attraction for all ages, especially families. The largest theme park centred around snow in all of India has slides, a decorated main area, and even a snow shower. You can make snow angels, have a snowball fight or even make a snow castle. Ticket prices are fairly cheap and it will certainly help you forget the fatigue from your flights to Chennai.

Fort St. George

Take a stroll back in time to the colonial era of Chennai’s history. Parts of the world were still unexplored, and the seafaring nations were in a race to see who will fill in the map first. Enter England and the East India trading company. The company struck a deal with the local ruler at the time and in 1640 constructed Fort St. George. This was a major settlement and the first one England had made in India. Anyone with an interest in history would be delighted to pay airfares to Chennai to see this place which houses monuments, St. George’s museum with artefacts from the colonial era and St. Mary’s church.


Getting Around Chennai

Getting around Chennai may seem a bit troublesome at first, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast. Taxies are available, but you’ll get the most use out of them for your trips to and from the airport. Just have your hotel call you one to avoid any less than reputable taxi drivers, or you can always use uber. Most locals prefer the metro which covers a wide area of Chennai, but they don’t cover many tourist destinations in the city. Auto rickshaws are usually your best bet for getting around the city. In order to get an auto rickshaw driver to pull-over, you need to wave them down. To have the most pleasant experience we recommend negotiating the price of the trip beforehand and paying only once you have arrived. Also, once you figure out what is a fair price for the trip, it is better for you to name your price instead of asking the driver how much they want for the trip.