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What are Cebu’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Fort San Pedro

This military defense structure was built by the Spanish army in the mid-16th century, making it the oldest military fort in the Philippines. Fort San Pedro was originally created as a military stronghold, but it’s also served as prison camps and even a city zoo over the years. The moss-covered structure features a large gateway and peaceful gardens. Inside, is a small museum where visitors holidaying on return flights to Cebu can learn more about the city and its military history. This small museum is teeming with sculptures, paintings, and documents that date back to the era of Spanish rule in the Philippines.

Tops Lookout

Do you love seeking out scenic viewpoints when exploring somewhere new? Then make sure Tops Lookout is on your list of things to do after you book cheap flights to Cebu. It’s located north of the city at the summit of Mount Busay. Catch a taxi from the city centre to Mount Busay. Then, make the quick but challenging 10-minute hike from the parking lot up to the Tops Lookout viewpoint. You’ll see sweeping views over the city, sea, and the neighbouring islands of Mactan and Bohol. The view from Tops Lookout is always impressive, but particularly during sunrise and sunset.

Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is one of the top religious sites to see while visiting the Philippines on flights to Cebu. It’s tucked into the Beverly Hills subdivision in the northern end of the city. The Taoist Temple is on top of a hill that reaches 300 metres above sea level. Steep steps and paths lead up to the temple, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. There are scenic views over the city, adding to the beauty of the temple. Taoist Temple features a traditional Chinese design complete with tiered pagodas, bright colours, and golden accents. Head to the temple on Wednesdays or Sundays to see local Taoist worshippers completing various rituals.


When is the best time to visit Cebu?

Cebu has fairly stable temperatures throughout the year, averaging about 32°C during the day and 25°C at night. However, there are three distinct seasons to plan around when you book tickets to Cebu for a holiday.

Many travellers view winter as the best time to book airfare to Cebu. This season falls between September and February and is marked by low levels of humidity. As you might expect based on the beautiful weather, winter is the most popular time of year to book a trip into Mactan Cebu International Airport (CEB). Lock in your hotel early for the best rate, and be prepared to come across plenty of other tourists while travelling on winter flights to Cebu.

Summer takes place between March and May, and high humidity accompanies the spiking temperatures. Generally, fewer tourists plan return flights to Cebu in summer compared to the winter. You can benefit from great deals on accommodation if you don’t mind the extra levels of summer humidity.

The final season in Cebu is the monsoon season, which lasts from June to August. Heavy rains and typhoons are common during this season, and flooding can block access to some tourist attractions. Avoid booking cheap flights to Cebu during the monsoon season if possible.


What is the cost of visiting Cebu?

Have a look through Webjet’s accommodation and hotels after booking tickets to Cebu. A room in a central four-star hotel typically costs between $100 and $150 NZD per night. Luxury resorts are available across Cebu, and you’ll also find extra affordable rooms for as little as $20 NZD per night if you book cheap flights to Cebu on a tight budget.

Catch a taxi into the city once your flights to Cebu arrive. A taxi from Mactan Cebu International Airport (CEB) costs between 350 and 450 pesos (between $11.30 and $14.50 NZD) into the city centre. Taxis are a good transportation option for people holidaying on return flights to Cebu, but public transportation is also available. The air-conditioned buses cost 25 pesos (80 cents NZD) to ride. Jeepneys are another choice. These brightly-coloured coloured minibuses are popular among locals, and rides around central Cebu cost between eight and 12 pesos (between 25 cents and 40 cents NZD).

Continue to plan your budget by thinking about attractions and activities you’d like to enjoy after booking airfare to Cebu. Entry to Fort San Pedro costs 30 pesos ($1 NZD), and Tops Lookout costs 50 pesos ($1.60 NZD). Snorkelling is another must-do activity for many visitors holidaying on flights to Cebu. Join a full-day guided snorkelling tour for about 3,500 pesos ($113 NZD), or rent snorkelling gear along the beach for about 650 pesos ($21 NZD). 

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