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Brussels Guide

Need to Know About Brussels

The beautiful capital of Belgium, Brussels, is a city that is cleaved in two, divided between the French and Flemish, the new and the old. It is a city that is renowned for its dining scene smothered in a fine mix of mussels, fries, beer, and chocolate. Many travellers book cheap flights to Brussels just to get a chance to walk the cobbled streets and explore this spectacular city. Brussels has something for any visitor, from splendid art galleries, boutique stores, and upmarket lifestyle, to the grandiose Art Nouveau and Renaissance Revival architecture. These are just some reasons why many travellers book flights to Brussels. It is just one of those destinations that you can’t miss out on.

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When is the Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Brussels?

The best time to book airfare to Brussels would definitely be during spring or autumn. Visiting the city in these seasons will grant you access to cheaper rates and much more pleasant weather conditions. Summer is peak tourist season in Brussels so, it would not be recommended to book flights to Brussels in this season if you want to avoid the overwhelming crowds. Winter is also not an ideal option as there will be a lot of rainy days in this season. This is due to Brussels being one of the rainiest capitals in Europe.


Travelling to Brussels Airports

Brussels Airport (BRU)

Brussels Airport (BRU) is located only 15 kilometres from the CBD and offers travellers plenty of transportation options. This means that getting to your accommodation will be quite simple. You will have the option of using public transport which comes in the form of a bus and train. These can quickly take you to your destination in the city, at a very affordable price. However, if you want to start your vacation hassle-free, then you might want to opt for a car service like taxi. Using one of many taxis located at Brussels Airport (BRU) is faster, but comes at a higher price.


What to do in Brussels


This strange monument is one of the most popular attractions in Brussels. It is 102 metres tall and was designed by Andre Waterkeyn. The monument might look like it is just a random piece of art to the regular person, but it’s actually a representation of the composition of an iron crystal. The Atomium is so popular nowadays that it’s a permanent fixture on Brussels’ skyline. So, book airfare to Brussels with Webjet and visit this amazing piece of architecture.

Grand Place

The Grand Palace is located in the heart of the city’s Old Town and is one of the best-preserved plazas in Europe. Visit it and explore the unique architecture of its guild houses, balustrades, pilasters, and ornately carved stonework. The Hotel de Ville, which was built in 1402, is the most recognisable building on the square. The Grand Palace is the most popular sightseeing starting point in the city.

Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Known as one of the best and largest art galleries on earth, the Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts is a must visit for any traveller. The museum includes a collection of Dutch and Flemish Old Masteries, as well as modern 19th and 20th-century Belgian works. The museum was built in 1881, and to this day it remains of the most famous locations to visit in Brussels.

Mont des Arts

Created between 1956 and 1958, the Mont Des Arts is without a doubt one of the most architecturally imposing complexes in Brussels. Many travellers book airfare to Brussels just to see this glorious place. The complex includes the modern Palais de la Dynastie and Bibliotheque Albert among other interesting buildings. So if you want to witness the true wonders of Brussels’ architecture, then book flights to Brussels with Webjet and visit Mont des Arts.


Getting Around Brussels

Most of the tourist attractions in Brussels are located within walking distance of each other so visiting them won’t be a problem. However, if you want to explore more of this beautiful city, then public transport would be your best option. Brussels has one of the largest tram networks in Europe, which comprises 17 tram lines. This means that getting to your desired destination will be quite simple. The city has a very convenient inter-ticketing system that allows commuters to use tickets on both buses and trams. Cycling is another option that you can choose, but it is not recommended if you don’t know the city that well.