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Broome Guide

What are the best things to do in Broome?

Cable Beach

The famous Cable Beach stretches for 22 kilometres (13.7 miles) on the western edge of Broome. There are beautiful contrasting colours across the beach, from bright white sand and turquoise ocean water to red ochre cliffs. Spending time at Cable Beach is a must, especially if you book return flights to Broome for a summer holiday. Lounge on the sand, try water sports like kayaking and surfing, and catch the vibrant sunset. You could even plan a Cable Beach camel ride when you book tickets to Broome to see the coast from a different perspective - one of the area’s most iconic experiences.

Broome Historical Museum

Learn more about the city and surrounding area while holidaying on flights to Broome by visiting the Broome Historical Museum. The museum is located inside a building that is a historical artefact itself – an old general store built in the 1890s. Exhibits inside the Broome Historical Museum delve into different aspects of the city’s history and heritage through a series of artefacts and photographs. Visitors holidaying on cheap flights to Broome will learn about topics like pearling in WA, Broome’s role in World War II, Aboriginal history of the region, and shipwrecks.

Gantheaume Point

Broome and the Kimberley region are well-known for bright red ochre coastlines. There are plenty of places to see examples of this while visiting WA on flights to Broome, including Gantheaume Point. This spot is located in the southwestern corner of the city and is bordered by the bright blue Indian Ocean. Admire the ochre cliffs and visit at low tide to see Gantheaume Point’s true claim to fame: dinosaur footprints. Large footprints have been preserved in the rock of Gantheaume Point for more than 125 million years. Informational displays also share facts about the dinosaurs who once roamed Australia’s northwest.


What is the cost of visiting Broome?

Webjet has got you covered when it comes to finding the best deals on airfare to Broome, accommodation and rental cars. A hotel in Broome typically costs around $200 NZD per night. Hiring a car is essential if you’re hoping to explore beyond the city limits in between return flights to Broome. Reserve a car through Webjet that you can pick up from Broome Airport (BME) with rates starting at about $50 NZD per day.

Broome doesn’t have an extensive public transport network, but there’s one bus route that keeps a fairly central route. A single ticket for this bus is $4 AUD ($4.30 NZD). Taxis are the best way to reach your hotel after arriving on flights to Broome if you don’t rent a car. Taxi fare from Broome Airport (BME) into the city centre costs about $15 AUD ($16.10 NZD). Tourists holidaying on cheap flights to Broome can also make the most of the city’s Explorer Bus. This hop-on hop-off bus stops at different attractions around the city and costs $15 AUD ($16.10 NZD) for 24 hours.

There are plenty of free attractions to enjoy while holidaying on flights to Broome: Cable Beach, Riddell Beach, and Gantheaume Point to name a few. Set aside some of your budget for paid attractions that will help make your holiday unforgettable. Entry to the Broome Historical Museum costs $5 AUD ($5.40 NZD), and a guided day tour to Cape Leveque or Windjana Gorge is about $180 AUD ($193.20 NZD). Camel rides on Cable Beach are an iconic activity if you book tickets to Broome for a dry season holiday. An afternoon ride costs $40 AUD ($42.95 NZD), and a sunset camel ride costs about $85 AUD ($91 NZD).


When is the best time to visit Broome?

There are two seasons to plan around when you book airfare to Broome: wet season and dry season. The wet season falls between December and March and is the low season in Broome. Temperatures average around 34°C with humidity and rainstorms are common. There’s also an increased risk of sharks and jellyfish offshore, so you may want to skip booking cheap flights to Broome during wet season if beach-hopping and swimming is at the top of your list. A major benefit to wet season is that many hotels decrease their rates during this time, so you can find a great price on a hotel room.

Dry season lasts from April to November and is the most popular time to travel on return flights to Broome. Skies are clear and blue, there’s little to no rain, and temperatures range from about 29° to 33°C. This is the best time to visit the beaches around Broome and enjoy plenty of time outdoors. Dry season attracts many visitors to Broome and the Kimberleys, so lock in your hotel early for the best price.