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How much time should I spend in Blenheim?

If you book flights from Christchurch to Blenheim for a long weekend, you’ll likely have enough time to see all the top attractions. As flights from Christchurch (CHC) to Blenheim Airport (BHE) take about one hour, you can spend less time flying and more time seeing all that Blenheim has to offer. From Blenheim Airport (BHE), you can explore attractions such as Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre, Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Pollard Park, Seymour Square and much more.

What can you do in Blenheim over the weekend?

To make the most of the weekend flights from Christchurch to Blenheim, check out these top travel tips.

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

If you’ve booked flights from Christchurch to Blenheim and are an aviation enthusiast or interested in war history, the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre is where you need to be. The world-class Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre showcases a range of World War I and World War II aircraft and artefacts, including Baron Manfred von Richthofen memorabilia. It also includes the exciting Knights of the Sky exhibition, which features Sir Peter Jackson's own collection of WWI aircraft and artifacts. You can also hear about the heroics of the men who flew the planes with visually stunning sets created by WingNut Films and Weta Workshop.

Cloudy Bay Vineyards

Cloudy Bay is a must-see attraction for adults with flights from Christchurch to Blenheim. Established in 1985 by David Hohnen, the winery was named after a body of water explorer Captain James Cook discovered during his voyage to New Zealand in 1770. During his time at the Bay, the region flooded, which washed large quantities of sediment into the sea. The opaque appearance of the water consequently led to its name, Cloudy Bay. Whether you want to try a classic Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc or delve into a different varietal, wine connoisseurs, couples and friends with flights from Christchurch to Blenheim alike will quickly discover why the winery has such an international reputation for excellence.

Pollard Park

Just 10 minutes’ drive from town, the 25-hectare Pollard Park features a beautiful garden, a playground, tennis courts and a nine-hole golf course. If you’re booking flights from Christchurch to Blenheim during the summer, Pollard Park is an excellent spot for a range of outdoor activities. Relax and unwind in the gardens with a good book, take the kids to the playground, or enjoy a game of tennis with your friends. The park is also particularly pretty in the summer evenings.

Seymore Square

The lovely Seymore Square is only a two-minute walk from Blenheim town centre and is most notable for its World War I memorial clock tower. The square is full of gorgeously-arranged floral gardens and a memorial fountain. If you go in the evening, you’ll be able to see the spectacular multi-coloured display.

What are the top tips for travelling with children to Blenheim?


Much like the rest of New Zealand, Blenheim is generally a very safe place to visit with children. As it doesn’t reach the temperatures common in other parts of New Zealand - average summer temperatures sit at around 20°C - it can be a great place to vacation with kids. If you want to visit when there are fewer tourists but the weather is still pleasant, consider booking flights from Christchurch to Blenheim for travel during the spring or autumn.

The River Queen Riverboat cruises

If you’re visiting Blenheim with kids and want to do something you’ll all enjoy, the River Queen cruise is a great idea. The River Queen is a famous family-owned river boat that travels all the way along the Opawa River. While the kids can enjoy the novelty of experiencing a river boat, possibly for the first time, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine and take in the stunning scenery as you stroll down the river.

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