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Berlin Guide

What are Berlin’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an icon of the city and a must-see when you book return flights to Berlin. Between 1737 and 1860, a series of walls surrounded central Berlin, and Brandenburg was one of the original city gates. In the late 1700s, Brandenburg was redesigned in a beautiful Neoclassical style. The gate later came to represent the division of East and West Berlin, along with the famous Berlin Wall. Today, the gate is seen as a symbol of peace and freedom, unifying the two sides of Berlin. When you book airfare to Berlin, plan a visit to Pariser Platz to take in this incredible sight.

The Berlin Wall

During the height of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was constructed to separate the democratic West Germany from the Soviet East Germany. For decades, the residents of Berlin were separated by this wall and were forbidden from crossing. The Berlin Wall finally came down in 1989; an action of the Soviet revolutions. Sections of the Berlin Wall still stand, and double as a reminder of this time in history. While exploring the city after your cheap flights to Berlin, visit both sides of the wall to learn more about this aspect of the city’s past. Some of the popular spots to see along the Wall between your return flights to Berlin include Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Museum Island

Museum Island is located on the Spree River, in the heart of Berlin. It’s home to five unique museums, making it a must-visit for art and history buffs who book airfare to Berlin. Between the Pergamon, Bode, Neues, Altes, and Alte Nationalgalerie Museums, visitors holidaying on flights to Berlin can learn about ancient civilisations and art from around the world. Tickets to Berlin’s Museum Island are €18 ($30.90 NZD) for adults, €9 ($15.45 NZD) for students, and free for children and include entry into all five of the museums.


What is the best way to get around Berlin?

Berlin is home to a great network of public transport that you can start using as soon as your flights to Berlin touch down. If your flights arrive into Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL), catch the TXL Express Bus, which departs every six minutes and travels to Berlin Central Station. If you land at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport (SXF), catch the S-Bahn S9 train to Berlin Central Station.

Once you have reached the city, there are several ways to get around between your return flights to Berlin. There are S-Bahn light-rail trains, U-Bahn underground trains, trams, and buses. The S-Bahn is spread across 16 lines and offers service to 166 stations. The U-Bahn is just as extensive, covering 10 lines and 173 stations. Between these two transport options, you can reach almost anywhere you might want to visit when you book cheap flights to Berlin. The tram is another effective mode of transportation, covering 22 lines. It also adds an element of history as it is one of the oldest tram networks in the world. Buses make up the final mode of transport that you can catch while holidaying on flights to Berlin. Transport fares in Berlin are determined by zones and typically cost €2.80 ($4.80 NZD) for a single ride.


When is the best time to visit Berlin?

Berlin experiences four distinct seasons. If you book tickets to Berlin for the summer months between July and August, expect beautiful weather with plenty of sunshine and average temperatures of about 23°C. Summer is the ideal time to visit if you are hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors and in the city’s famous biergartens. The flip side of this is that summer is also the busiest time to book flights to Berlin. Book your accommodation early for the best rates. Spring and autumn are also nice times to book cheap flights to Berlin. Weather is chilly, with daytime temperatures of about 13°C and nighttime temperatures that dip to about 5°C. Spring and autumn are both brimming with a calendar of exciting events, including the Carnival of Cultures, Oktoberfest, and Jazzfest. In late autumn, you can also visit Berlin’s legendary Christmas markets. Winter experiences bone-chilling temperatures that regularly dip to about -2°C. If you book flights to Berlin in winter, you should prepare to experience some snow. Winter in Berlin can be a great time for museum-hopping and cosying up in a pub with a glass of mulled wine, or glühwein as the Germans call it.