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Departure Date Last Updated^
Fri 01 Nov 16 Sep
Sun 03 Nov 13 Sep
Mon 04 Nov 10 Sep
Tue 05 Nov 15 Sep
Wed 06 Nov 10 Sep
Thu 07 Nov 08 Sep
Fri 08 Nov 10 Sep
Sat 09 Nov 08 Sep
Sun 10 Nov 12 Sep
Mon 11 Nov 09 Sep
Tue 12 Nov 17 Sep
Thu 14 Nov 20 Sep
Fri 15 Nov 08 Sep
Sat 16 Nov 05 Sep
Sun 17 Nov 19 Sep
Mon 18 Nov 16 Sep
Tue 19 Nov 10 Sep
Thu 21 Nov 08 Sep
Fri 22 Nov 08 Sep
Sat 23 Nov 08 Sep
Sun 24 Nov 08 Sep
Mon 25 Nov 15 Sep
Tue 26 Nov 08 Sep
Wed 27 Nov 06 Sep
Thu 28 Nov 06 Sep
Fri 29 Nov 05 Sep
Sat 30 Nov 12 Sep
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Departure Date
Fri 01 Nov
Updated on 16 Sep
$1,208 RETURN
Sun 03 Nov
Updated on 05 Sep
$1,035 RETURN
Mon 04 Nov
Updated on 10 Sep
$1,039 RETURN
Tue 05 Nov
Updated on 15 Sep
$1,039 RETURN
Wed 06 Nov
Updated on 15 Sep
$1,039 RETURN
Thu 07 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,110 RETURN
Fri 08 Nov
Updated on 10 Sep
$1,103 RETURN
Sat 09 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,092 RETURN
Sun 10 Nov
Updated on 12 Sep
$1,108 RETURN
Mon 11 Nov
Updated on 09 Sep
$1,103 RETURN
Tue 12 Nov
Updated on 17 Sep
$1,153 RETURN
Thu 14 Nov
Updated on 20 Sep
$1,051 RETURN
Fri 15 Nov
Updated on 14 Sep
$1,152 RETURN
Sat 16 Nov
Updated on 18 Sep
$1,043 RETURN
Sun 17 Nov
Updated on 07 Sep
$1,043 RETURN
Mon 18 Nov
Updated on 14 Sep
$1,071 RETURN
Tue 19 Nov
Updated on 10 Sep
$1,215 RETURN
Thu 21 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,043 RETURN
Fri 22 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,164 RETURN
Sat 23 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,072 RETURN
Sun 24 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,164 RETURN
Mon 25 Nov
Updated on 15 Sep
$1,152 RETURN
Tue 26 Nov
Updated on 08 Sep
$1,072 RETURN
Wed 27 Nov
Updated on 06 Sep
$1,175 RETURN
Thu 28 Nov
Updated on 06 Sep
$1,412 RETURN
Fri 29 Nov
Updated on 05 Sep
$1,185 RETURN
Sat 30 Nov
Updated on 12 Sep
$1,404 RETURN

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Currency used in Bangkok

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Average Time to Bangkok

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A Guide to Bangkok

Know Before You Go

  • Barter your way to a good deal. If you are browsing the stalls of the Chatuchak Weekend Market, don't feel bad about haggling. It's part of the local culture, and you can usually get 10% to 40% off the price.
  • Don't ride elephants. It's not an ethical wildlife attraction as the animals aren't allowed to live out their natural lives. Instead, visit an elephant sanctuary and support grassroots organisations that rescue these creatures from horrible conditions.
  • Stay hydrated. Bangkok is known for its stifling heat any time of the year. Bring a reusable water bottle with you and make sure you drink enough water to replace what you sweat out.
  • Avoid the tourist traps. If a taxi driver asks if it's your first time in Thailand, always say no. It will help you avoid getting the "tourist price" or a lengthy sales pitch for a private tour.
  • Eat on the cheap. If you're visiting Thailand on a budget, you can get the most bang for your buck by sticking to the street food. Not only is it delicious, but it's cheap with most meals costing as little as THB 30.

Getting Around Bangkok

  • Take the BTS Skytrain. It's the quickest way to get around Bangkok and avoid the city's notorious traffic. The two lines cover most of Bangkok and ticket prices are an affordable choice for every kind of traveller.
  • Go on a boat. If you want to see a different part of the city, head to the canals and get around via Bangkok's waterways. Rides cost as little as THB 40 making it a far cheaper option than a metered taxi.
  • Try the underground train. It's ideal for travellers staying in the north part of the city that need to get around quickly.
  • Grab a taxi. Uber, Grab, and metered taxis are all available. The ridesharing services are the more affordable option, and you can have peace of mind that you won't be ripped off.
  • Other options include taking one of the iconic tuk-tuks, the many public buses or simply walking to your next destination.

When is The Best Time to Visit Bangkok?

The best time to visit Bangkok is during the cooler months. From November to February, temperatures in the capital city are under
30°C making sightseeing more bearable. You will need to book your tours, flights and accommodation well in advance as it's also high season and prices skyrocket.

For budget travellers, the wet months of June to October are an excellent option. You'll find fewer crowds at the top attractions, hotels slash their prices, and airfare deals are easier to come across.

April is another great option if you want to experience Thai New Year, Songkran. The celebrations include a three-day water fight, which is a welcomed reprieve from the scorching heat.

Airports in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main airport in Bangkok and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. It serves flights to international and domestic routes, handling more than 50 million passengers a year. The airport is a hub for regional airlines Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Thai Smile Airways.

Getting To and From Suvarnabhumi Airport

The fastest way to get to and from the airport is with the ARL Link. It costs THB 45 for a single trip and runs from 6:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily, every 12-15 minutes.

Another affordable option is the public bus. Prices start from THB 5, and the service has an extensive network across the city.

Metered taxis and ride-sharing services are also available from the airport. But before you book, check to see if your hotel offers a complimentary airport shuttle service.

Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang is Bangkok's second airport. It mainly serves domestic destinations with a few international flights. It's a hub for low-cost airlines Thai AirAsia and Nok Air.

Getting To and From Don Mueang Airport

If you're arriving during the day, you can take a bus from the airport straight to the Mo Chit Skytrain Station. Bus fares start as low as THB 5.

For red-eye flights, the best option is to take a metered taxi or use a ride-sharing service. You'll find the taxi rank outside of the arrivals hall.

Another option is to take the train service that runs from Don Meuang to Bangkok's central railway station Hua Lamphong. From here you can hop onto the metro line or a public bus to your final destination.

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