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Bangalore Guide

What are the best things to do in Bangalore?

Bangalore Palace

This extraordinary royal palace is one of the top things to see while visiting India on flights to Bangalore. It was built for King Chamaraja Wadiyar in the 1880s based on Tudor style designs. The exterior of the palace would fit right into the English countryside, but the interior follows a more traditional Indian style and the ornate tilework and patterned walls add to the luxurious feel. Pay a visit to the palace while holidaying on return flights to Bangalore to take in its fortified towers, manicured gardens, grand ballroom, and collection of Indian artwork.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Get a taste of South Indian nature by visiting the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in between your return flights to Bangalore. The gardens were first built in 1760, and are home to the largest collection of tropical plants in India. The Glass Door is the main landmark within the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. This greenhouse was inspired by London’s Crystal Palace and houses a beautiful collection of flowers. Other things to look for while walking around the gardens include Lotus Lake, a variety of native bird species who live there, and Peninsular Gneiss Rock, which is one of the oldest rocks in the world.

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore is quickly modernising, but there’s also some fascinating history to learn about while holidaying on flights to Bangalore. The Fort was built in 1537 during the reign of Kempe Gowda. It became the residence of emperor Tipu Sultan in the late 1700s, and he transformed the Fort into what it is today. Bangalore Fort was originally used as a summer home for the emperor, but later played a part in the resistance against the British East India Company in the late 1700s. Today, tourists holidaying on cheap flights to Bangalore can visit the Fort to learn about its role in local history. Admire its architecture, view the Lord Ganesha Temple, and look through the royal artefacts at the fort’s museum.


What is the cost of visiting Bangalore?

Webjet will help you find the perfect hotel room in your price range. Look through the accommodation options after you’ve booked your airfare to Bangalore. A four-star hotel in the centre typically costs between $75 and $100 NZD per night.

Transportation is another cost to keep in mind when you book cheap flights to Bangalore. Catch a taxi from Bangalore International Airport (BLR) to the city for a fare between 400 and 450 rupees (between $8.65 and $9.75 NZD). Public transport is the most affordable way to get around while holidaying on flights to Bangalore. Metro and bus fares cost 70 rupees ($1.50 NZD) around the city. Tuk tuks are another option and an iconic method of transportation to take when you book tickets to Bangalore. A tuk tuk ride costs about 20 rupees (45 cents NZD) for each kilometre travelled.

Don’t forget to factor tourist attractions into your budget when you book return flights to Bangalore. Entry to Bangalore Palace costs 460 rupees ($9.95 NZD), Bangalore Fort is 100 rupees ($2.15 NZD), and Tipu Sultan Summer Palace charges an entry fee of 200 rupees ($4.30 NZD).


When is the best time to visit Bangalore?

There are three seasons to plan around when you book flights to Bangalore International Airport (BLR). The first falls between October and February. This is Bangalore’s winter season and has cooler temperatures with little to no rain. Daytime temperatures reach about 27°C, but it can drop to around 17°C in the evenings. This is one of the best times to book airfare to Bangalore, especially if outdoor activities are at the top of your list.

Temperatures heat up between March and May. This is the shoulder season between the winter and monsoon seasons. Temperatures typically reach 34°C during the day with high humidity.

Monsoon season takes place between June and September. Be prepared for heavy rainfall if you book cheap flights to Bangalore during this time. However, storms usually don’t last long, and the rain cools daytime temperatures down to about 28°C. This is the low season, so you might find the cheapest hotel rates by booking tickets to Bangalore then.


How much time should I spend in Bangalore?

Bangalore is the perfect place to start your adventures around India. Spend about three days in the city after arriving on flights to Bangalore. Then make the most of Webjet’s cheap flight deals to see even more of what India has to offer. There’s so much to see and do across India, so try to book your holiday for at least two weeks. Start off in Bangalore, and then head to other popular destinations across the country, such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, and Kolkata.