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Bali Guide

What is the best way to get around Bali?

Airport Transfers

If you’re arriving at Bali Airport (DPS), more commonly known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, there are a few ways you can get to your Bali accommodation. There are taxi counters just outside the arrival terminal, which all offer fixed fares. Be sure to agree to a fare before you get into a taxi. You can also hire a private driver when you book airfares to Bali. Your driver can take you to your accommodation and other places around Denpasar. Hotels also often provide shuttle buses from Ngurah Rai International Airport to your accommodation.

Car Rentals

When you book cheap flights to Bali from New Zealand with Webjet, a car rental could be a great way to make use of those savings. If you’re planning on seeing areas of Bali that are less commonly frequented by tourists, a car rental means you don’t need to worry about finding and arranging public transport all the time. For Australian and New Zealand visitors with flights to Bali, keep in mind that you’ll have to use a right-hand drive vehicle. Always check if your travel insurance covers driving a car before securing your rental.

Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals

Another common way for visitors with flights to Denpasar, Bali’s capital city, to get around the island is on a motorcycle or scooter. This can be a super convenient way of moving around the Indonesian isle, however it should really only be done if you have the experience and confidence. The often chaotic traffic and unfamiliar road conditions are not best-suited to new riders. If you are going to rent a two-wheeler, make sure you always wear a helmet and hold the appropriate license. Also be sure to check if your travel insurance includes this in your cover.


Blue taxis marked ‘Bali Taxi’, and known as Blue Bird Taxis, are the most reputable taxi service in Bali. They can take you around South Bali and Ubud, so if you need to travel further afield, you’ll probably need to use public transport or a private driver. Minibuses called ‘Bemo’ are another option. These minibuses operate on routes that can take you to any area on the island, however services can be irregular.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

Bali is around 8° south of the equator, which means no matter when you buy flights to Denpasar, the gateway to Bali, you can expect a warm, tropical and humid climate. This proximity to the equator also means Bali’s weather is defined by two distinct seasons: a dry season and a wet season.

May to October

The dry season runs from May through to October, though by September, you can expect the humidity to be on the rise again. July and August are the most popular times for holiday-makers to travel to Bali as the days are generally dry, with around 50mm of rainfall a month. Temperatures tend to hover at about 27°C during the day. If you want cheap flights to Bali during the dry season, the sooner you book, the lower fares are likely to be. From blue-sky days to cool breezes in the evening along the coast and highlands, the dry season is a great time to lock in return airfares to Bali.

The dry season is also a great time for surfing. Visitors tend to hit the west coast beaches in Uluwatu and Canggu to catch some of the world-class waves. May, June, July and August are great times for other water sport activities, such as scuba diving and snorkelling, as the waters tend to be clearer. If you’re booking flights to Bali with family, the low humidity makes for great conditions to visit popular attractions like Bali Safari Park and the Ubud Monkey Forest.

November to April

The wet season is a good time to avoid tourists and find some great deals on flights to Bali, especially if your accommodation has powerful air-conditioning. Even in January, at the peak of the wet season, Bali is a fantastic destination for a holiday and coincides with New Zealand’s summer holidays. Thanks to the lower tourist numbers, your chances of getting tables at the best restaurants, beach clubs and bars, and finding a prime spot at one of the many beautiful beaches are definitely higher. Traffic can also be much quieter and less overwhelming during off-peak season, especially in areas such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

What are the best places to stay in Bali?


Kuta is a favourite among backpackers and young holiday-makers who are eager to drink, dance and explore. There are plenty of clubs, bars, restaurants, shops and everything that you could want if you’re booking tickets to Bali with friends.


With its luxurious beach resorts and glamorous hotels to small boutiques, bars and restaurants, Seminyak is a great place to stay if you’re booking flights to Bali from New Zealand as a couple or travelling as a family. It doesn’t have the party vibe that Kuta boasts, but there are still plenty of bars where you can socialise with friends late into the night.


If you’re looking for a laid-back and leafy alternative to Bali’s beach scene, Ubud is a great place to stay. There’s a whole range of activities to enjoy, including visiting local temples, dining at authentic Balinese restaurants, and excursions to other sites and attractions. For something a little different, Ubud is a great vacation spot.


What is the cheapest month to fly to Bali?

The cheapest time to fly to Bali from New Zealand is often during the island’s wet season, from October to March. October is one of the cheapest months to fly to Bali.

What airline flies direct to Bali?

Direct flights from New Zealand to Bali are offered by several airlines, including Emirates and Air New Zealand.

How long is the flight to Bali from New Zealand?

Flights to Bali from New Zealand take more than nine hours. From Auckland, the flight takes approximately 9 hours 15 minutes, while flights from Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown have a flight time of more than 11 hours.