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What are Auckland’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower dominates the Auckland skyline, and it’s pretty hard to miss while holidaying on Sunshine Coast to Auckland flights. The tower stands 328 metres (1,076 feet) high, making it the tallest structure in New Zealand. Take in the view from the official observation deck, or head to one of the tower’s restaurants or bars for a nice city view accompanied by a meal or drink. Adventurous travellers can even look into doing the SkyJump or SkyWalk.


Mount Eden

Mount Eden is the highest natural point in Auckland, and it’s one of the region’s 48 volcanic cones. Head south of the CBD while holidaying on Sunshine Coast to Auckland return flights and make the quick 300-metre (984-foot) trek to the summit. From there, take a walk around the rim of the dormant volcano and peek down into the cone. Mount Eden also boasts one of the most impressive views of the Auckland city skyline.


Auckland Domain Wintergardens

The Wintergardens were built in the early 20th century in a distinct Victorian style. A courtyard with a sunken pool is sandwiched between two glass houses where visitors can view unique plant collections. One of the glass houses is kept warm year-round and is filled with tropical plants and flowers. The other one showcases temperate-weather plants, including some that are native to New Zealand. Due to the constant temperatures in the glass houses, the plant collections can be enjoyed no matter what time of year you travel from the Sunshine Coast to Auckland.


When is the best time to visit Auckland?

Summer is the best time to fly from Sunshine Coast to Auckland if beach-hopping, water activities, and lots of outdoor time are at the top of your wishlist. Temperatures reach highs of about 22° to 24°C on the average day. Note that summer is the high season, so you’ll lock in the best prices by booking your tickets to Auckland from Sunshine Coast well in advance.

You can continue to enjoy outdoor time by visiting during the autumn and spring shoulder seasons. Daytime temperatures range from about 16° to 22°C, but be sure to bring a jacket as it can dip to about 10°C at night. Autumn and spring are a nice time to visit the islands off the coast from Auckland with smaller crowds compared to the busy summer season.

Are you looking to plan a budget getaway? Have a look at cheap flights to Auckland from Sunshine Coast for travel during the winter low season. The weather isn’t perfect – temperatures reach highs of about 15°C and dip to lows of about 7°C, rain is fairly common, and Auckland gets windy. But don’t let that stop you from visiting as there are plenty of sunny days too. You can spend time outdoors, but also have some indoor activities planned as back-up for rainy days.


What is the cost of visiting Auckland?

Get your cheap flights from Sunshine Coast to Auckland booked, then continue searching for deals with Webjet’s accommodation and rental car options. Hotel rooms in central Auckland average about $200 NZD per night, and there are also budget-friendly options starting at about $50 NZD. Rental cars start from about $55 NZD per day and are available to pick up from Auckland Airport (AKL).

A rental car comes in handy, but it’s not essential – there’s plenty of public transport in Auckland too. The Skybus from the airport into the CBD costs $17 NZD. Train and bus fares operate on a zone system, and fares are calculated based on how far you go. Cash fares cost $4 NZD for one zone, $6 NZD for two zones, and $8 NZD for three. Auckland’s CBD and the most popular inner suburbs are all located within the same zone.

There are many different ways you can experience Auckland without spending any money – Mount Eden, the Wintergardens, and the harbour are nice places you can see for free. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is also free for New Zealand residents. Visitors from abroad have an entry fee of $28 NZD for adults and $14 NZD for children. Take in the city views from the Sky Tower where observation deck tickets cost $32 NZD for adults and $13 NZD for kids. You can also get out of the city for a day by easily catching a ferry from the Downtown Ferry Terminal. Return tickets cost $42 NZD for Waiheke and $39 NZD for Rangitoto.



What is the cheapest month to fly to Auckland from the Sunshine Coast?

May is typically the cheapest time of year to fly from Sunshine Coast to Auckland. The winter low season is also a good time to travel for lower-than-average rates.


Do airlines fly from the Sunshine Coast to Auckland?

Air New Zealand operates some direct Sunshine Coast to Auckland flights. However, these flights don’t run every day – there are typically three direct flights per week. There are also flight options with Qantas and Jetstar that include a stopover or two along the way.


Who flies directly to Auckland from the Sunshine Coast?

Air New Zealand flies direct from the Sunshine Coast to Auckland.


How long is the flight from the Sunshine Coast to Auckland?

Direct flights from Sunshine Coast to Auckland touch down after about three hours and 10 minutes.

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