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Auckland Guide

What are the top things to do and see in Auckland?

Auckland Zoo

Considered to be one of the city’s premier attractions, Auckland Zoo is a great place to head if you have an interest in New Zealand’s native animals or creatures from further afield. Spend the day exploring the sprawling animal sanctuary and see more than 1,400 animals, including lions, tigers, rhinos, and more, up close. Perfect for a day out with the kids, the zoo also offers a variety of experiences, from behind-the-scenes tours to the Junior Keeper program. Learn more about the zoo and its animals while enjoying an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Located to the south of the city, the Auckland Botanic Gardens are well worth a visit if you’re wanting to reconnect with nature, enjoy a picnic with a view or simply stretch your legs following your Dunedin to Auckland flights. Covering an impressive 64 hectares, including several hectares of native forest, the gardens are divided into themed areas that showcase more than 10,000 plants from around the world. Spend time exploring the African Plants Garden, step back in time in the Gondwana Arboretum or delight in the beauty of the Camellia Garden. Although the gardens are considered to be quite young by global standards, there’s still plenty to see throughout this lovely green space.

Rangitoto Island

If you’re wanting to get active once your cheap flights from Dunedin to Auckland touch down in the city, a visit to Rangitoto Island could be a great addition to your holiday itinerary. Located just off the coast of Auckland, the island is home to some great hiking trails offering spectacular views of Auckland, the Waitakere Ranges and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Head to the island’s summit on foot or join a 4WD train for a different experience altogether. Just a short ferry ride from Auckland, a visit to the island is a lovely way to spend a morning or afternoon.

New Zealand Maritime Museum

New Zealand has a rich maritime history. Learn more about the stories of the people and events that have helped to shape the country’s relationship with the sea at the New Zealand Maritime Museum. Spend time exploring the fascinating exhibits on show, from traditional Maori dugout canoes to replica cabins and mementos of more recent maritime successes.Whether you’re a keen sailor or are yet to step off dry land, there’s so much to learn during a visit to the museum.


What should you pack when visiting Auckland?

Throughout the summer months, temperatures in Auckland are typically quite warm. If you’re booking cheap flights from Dunedin to Auckland to arrive between December and February, consider packing t-shirts and shorts.

June, July and August are Auckland’s coldest months. For stays during the winter months, packing long pants and clothing that can be easily layered is a good option. Even if the weather does warm up during the day, you can simply remove a layer or two to prevent overheating. Temperatures are often at their lowest after dark or early in the morning, so you may want to pack gloves and a beanie if you’ll be out and about during these parts of the day. Winter is also Auckland’s rainiest season, making a raincoat or a small umbrella a practical addition to your packing list

Autumn and spring in Auckland are usually quite comfortable weather-wise. If your Dunedin to Auckland flights are due to arrive at this time, consider packing clothing that’s easy to layer. Although it may be warmer than winter, some days may be chillier than others.

If you’re thinking of exploring the city centre on foot before heading home on flights from Auckland to Dunedin, a comfortable pair of walking shoes can be another great addition to your packing list.

During the summer months, the sun can be quite harsh in Auckland. Pack sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


What’s the best way to get around Auckland?

The best way to get around Auckland really depends on what you’re planning to see and do once you arrive on your Dunedin to Auckland flights. If you’re thinking of spending most of your time in the heart of Auckland, the city’s public transport network could be the best way for you to get around. The comprehensive network features trains, buses and ferries, allowing you to reach most corners of the city with relative ease. For stays in the city longer than a few days, you may want to purchase an AT HOP travel card. Costing $10, the reloadable travel card allows you to enjoy some great savings as you explore via public transport.

If you’d prefer to have the freedom to travel further afield following your cheap flights from Dunedin to Auckland, hiring a car could be a good option for you. It is important to note, however, that parking in downtown Auckland is typically quite expensive and is often limited. If you’re travelling on a budget or don’t want the hassle of finding a park each day, it may be worth weighing up other transport options.



What airlines fly from Dunedin to Auckland?

Jetstar and Air New Zealand currently service flights between Dunedin and Auckland.

When is the best time to visit Auckland from Dunedin?

The best time to visit Auckland is during the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring. At these times, temperatures in Auckland are pleasant, while demand for flights and accommodation are typically lower, making it easier to find a good deal on Dunedin to Auckland flights.

Are there direct flights from Dunedin to Auckland?

Yes, there are direct flights between Dunedin and Auckland. Flights are usually 1 hour 50 minutes long.