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Antigua Guide

Know Before You Go

  • Antigua is home to 365 beaches, meaning you can pick a different spot to work on your tan every day.
  • Head to Shirley Heights on a Sunday. Not only is the view incredible, but it's also home to the famous Sunday Party and Barbeque. After sunset, bands play reggae covers, and there's delicious food and drinks available from vendors.
  • While Antigua's official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, you can use US dollars at most hotels and attractions. But if you exchange it to the local currency your money will go further.
  • For foodie travellers, save Friday nights for Nelson's Dockyard. Each week, the waterfront comes alive for the weekly food festival. It features cuisine from local Antigua chefs and the menu options change each time you go.
  • Antigua doesn't need to be an expensive holiday. The island has plenty of budget accommodation options such as hostels, guestrooms and even cheap villas.

Getting Around Antigua

  • The best way to get around the island of Antigua is by renting a car. You'll save money in the long run, especially if you will be visiting for a few weeks. The only downside is that the roads can sometimes be difficult to navigate and certain areas are prone to flooding. If you want to rent a car, there are agencies at the airport as well as outside of Osbourn.
  • If you aren't keen to hire your own wheels, the next best option is to hire a taxi. Drivers are often happy to act as tour guides, just be sure to get a quote beforehand.
  • While there is a bus service on Antigua, it's not the most reliable way to get around the island. However, when they are running, it's a cheap option with a one-way journey costing between USD 1 to USD 2.

Best time to visit Antigua

When is The Best Time to Visit Antigua?

The best time to visit Antigua is during its off season. From May to November, hotel rates are at their cheapest, and you'll have better luck finding deals. But keep in mind that July to November is also hurricane season. Although the island doesn't see too much rain, pack a raincoat just in case.

Peak tourist season for the island is from December to February. The dry season creates a favourable climate that attracts visitors from all over. If you want to visit during this time, book your flight and hotel reservations a couple of months in advance to ensure availability.

If you are looking to escape the Spring Break crowd, head to Antigua between March and April. But it's not the best time if you are travelling on a tight budget. Hotel rates will still be high, with the island attracting the cruise crowds until the end of April.


Airports in Antigua

V. C. Bird International Airport

V.C. Bird International Airport is located 8 km from the city centre. It's the largest Leeward Islands airport and handles over 850,000 passengers per year. The airport is a hub for ABM Air and serves ten airlines with direct flights to and from Antigua.

Getting To and From V. C. Bird International Airport

There is no public transportation to and from V.C Bird International Airport. To get into Antigua's city centre, you can either catch a taxi, rent a car or book a private shuttle.

The taxi dispatch office is outside of the arrivals area. Rates depend on your final destination but should cost around USD 21 to Nelson's Dockyard and USD 7 to St John's.

Car rental agencies are across from the check in counters at the main terminal and cost around USD 50 per day.