Vienna is the capital city of the republic of Austria with a population of about 1.7 million. Austrian German is the national language of Austria and is spoken through out Vienna, English is also a commonly used language in Vienna.

Vienna Transport

Efficient and reliable public transportation makes it easy for visitors to Vienna, to explore the city and surrounding districts of Austria.

Apart from single tickets, visitors to Vienna can also purchase passes for longer periods of time including; 24 hour, weekly, monthly passes. Validated tickets / passes can be used for all modes of public transport within Vienna that includes; buses, trains, trams and the underground line.

Climate in Vienna

Vienna is located in north-eastern Austria. Visitors to Vienna usually experiences warm summer’s 22 - 26°C with maximum temperatures often exceeding 30°C. Winters are relatively cold, with average temperatures below zero. Snowfall in Vienna occurs mainly between December and March. Spring and autumn are cool to mild and can be the best times to visit Vienna and avoid the freezing cold or sometime scorching European sun.

Vienna Balls

Each year more than 200 significant balls are held in Vienna. Balls are held in the many beautiful palaces throughout Vienna. The largest and probably most significant is held at the Hofburg Palace in Heldenplatz. Most Viennese will visit at least a few balls in their lifetime. For many, the ball season lasts for several months and will often include ten to fifteen separate appearances.

Vienna Palaces

Many elegant palaces are dotted around Vienna and the countryside of Austria. There are approximately 50 palaces in Austria still today. One of the most famous & Vienna's biggest tourist attraction is; Schönbrunn Palace. The palace as it stands today in Vienna has had many structural changes and re-modelling since it was first constructed in 1696. This is not the original mansion and palace that was destroyed during the Turkish siege in 1683, however the Schönbrunn Palace was built on the same grounds.

Vienna Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Tiergarten Schönbrunn aka Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world. The Vienna Zoo was founded in 1752. It's located on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna. Tiergarten Schönbrunn is home to giant pandas, an Amazon Rainforest and aquarium that simulates the Amazon River in flood, and a area for animals of the Arctic region, which is the most recent addition to the zoo that opened in 2004.

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