Australian Rainforests

Australia has several rainforests that are World Heritage listed, in recognition of their outstanding biodiversity and rarity.

Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves

The World Heritage listed Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves (CERRA) only cover about 0.3% of Australia, yet contain about half of all Australian plant families and about a third of Australia's mammal and bird species.

CERRA has a high conservation status, as it contains more than 200 rare or threatened animal and plant species.

Wet Tropics of Queensland

Sitting between Townsville and Cooktown in far north Queensland, the Wet Tropics World Heritage property covers an area of approximately 894 000 hectares.

This area makes has spectacular and rugged scenery, fast-flowing rivers, deep gorges and numerous waterfalls. The mountain summits provide expansive vistas of undisturbed rainforests.

One of the largest rainforest wilderness areas in Australia centres around the Daintree River valley.

The association of fringing coral reefs and rainforest coastline in the Cape Tribulation region is found nowhere else in Australia, and is a very rare combination anywhere in the world.

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