Paris, the capital of France, is home to some of the world's most recognisable landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

From it's reputation as the most romantic city in the world, to its status as one of the most important cultural centres in the world, it's easy to see why Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Paris City Culture

The City of Lights, is an international centre for culture. Just like the rest of France, Parisians are very nationalistic and proud of their culture. It's hard not to fall in love with Paris when you are presented with the best in food and wine, as well as some of the most renowned architecture and artworks in the world.

Paris Food & Wine

Paris is the home of fine French cuisine. For those looking for an unforgettable meal then Paris has many Michelin star awarded restaurants that will tempt you with the best French cuisine, perfectly matched with exquisite French wines. However, if haute cuisine is not for you, Paris still offers a delicious range of fresh foods at affordable prices. Buy a fresh baguette from a boulangerie with some cheese from a fromagerie and some wine from the grocery store and have yourself a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower - a great way to spend a sunny day!

Paris Sightseeing

Paris is home to many tourist attractions. Here are some of Paris' best attractions you shouldn't miss when sightseeing in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is an international symbol of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is the tallest structure in Paris and has been visited by over 200 million people. There are three levels of the Eiffel Tower and at the top, visitors are 276 metres high, providing an unbeatable view over all of Paris.


The largest national museum in Paris, the Louvre is best known as the home of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Visitors jostle to get a glimpse of the famous Mona Lisa, however, the Louvre does have more on offer! Spend a whole day at the Louvre and you still would not be able to see everything on display. From ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern antiquities to scultures from the Greek and Roman Empires, the Louvre houses many of the world's most interesting exhibitions.

Notre Dame

The Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris is a breathtaking example of French Gothic architecture. When visiting Notre Dame it is well worth climbing to the top of the north tower where you come face to face with Notre Dame's famous gargoyles. From the top of Notre Dame you are treated with a great view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.


One of the most relaxing ways to view Paris is from a Seine River cruise. On the banks of the Seine are some of Paris' most famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. Take a cruise on the Seine during sunset and see Paris come alive as the City of Lights.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the now one of the most visited attractions in Europe. Disneyland Paris contains two Disney theme parks - Disneyland Park, filled with Disney themed rides, characters and shows, and Walt Disney Studios Park, a fun behind the scenes look at how Disney movies are made. Disney Village is a combined shopping, dining and entertainment district where you can dine in any of the 10 restaurants or watch the latest Disney movie at the cinemas.

Musee d'Orsay

The Musee d'Orsay was converted in 1977 from a train station into an art museum. The Musee d'Orsay showcases French paintings, sculptures, photography and furniture. If you are an admirer of the Impressionist works from Monet, Cezanne, Degas and Renoir then the Musee d'Orsay is the place to be.

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