Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. The name Harare was changed from Salisbury, which co-incited with the second anniversary of Zimbabwean independence, on the 18th of April 1982. Harare is centre for trade of tobacco, maize and cotton. Manufactured items and natural resources for local and international export from Harare, Zimbabwe include; textiles, steel, chemicals, and gold.

Harare International Airport

Harare is served by Harare International Airport which is the main gateway to Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa. The airport is located just a short drive (12 kilometres) from the city centre. Emirates, Air New Zealand, Thai and Cathay Pacific all fly to Harare International airport daily, departing selected cities in New Zealand.

Harare Climate

Harare and most of Zimbabwe enjoys pleasant weather, with average maximum temperatures between 20°C and 30°C throughout the year. Visitors to Harare generally consider the winter, between May and September, to be the best time to visit, where there is actually fewer rainy days.

Things to Do and See in Harare

Lion and Cheetah Park

The Harare Lion & Cheetah Park is just a short drive from Harare city centre. Lions and other wild animals including cheetah, giraffe, antelope can be seen and photographed in their natural surroundings. The park is open daily including weekends and most public holidays.

Harare Botanic Gardens

The Harare National Herbarium and Botanic Garden is open daily to the public for a small fee. The Herbarium hold approximately 500,000 plant specimens and the Botanic Garden grows more than 900 trees and shrubs. The gardens and herbarium plays an import part for research and information on plants indigenous in Zimbabwe.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

The expansive Mukuvisi Woodlands are spread over 275 hectares of land, located just 10 minutes from the heart of Harare. The woodlands are considered a must see tourist attraction for anyone visiting Harare, especially for lovers of nature and bird watching.

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