Destination Broome

Broome is a destination that is simply alive with colour. It sits right on the Indian Ocean's doorstep and the gateway to Australia's last frontier of pristine wilderness - the Kimberley. It contrasts a deeply romantic pearling history with the cosmopolitan bustle of its Chinatown and the immensely appealing Cable Beach.

Roebuck Bay - pearl oyster shell

Broome was founded on the discovery of 'Pinctada Maxima' - the world's largest pearl oyster shell - uncovered in 1861 in Roebuck Bay. Word of the giant pinctada shells soon spread overseas and resulted in a wide variety of nationalities travelling to Broome looking to make their fortune. Prospectors from Japan, Malaysia and elswhere joined the Aboriginal pearl divers, whilst many Chinese founded shops in town.

Exotic history

Today, remnants of Broome's exotic past are everywhere. The town's multicultural society ensures a wonderful array of gourmet tastes, colourful characters and cultural influences. Pearling still remains a thriving industry and the world famous South Sea pearls feature in Chinatown's string of pearl galleries.

Balmy climate

Broome's climate is also something to boast about with warm sunny days, balmy nights and spectacular storms during the tropical summer season. Not to mention the unforgettable spectacle of sunset on Cable Beach.

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