Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon and is also the country's largest city. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, there are spectacular views to be had from Lebanon's largest seaport. Beirut is becoming a popular tourist destination and is constantly featuring in top travel destination lists from esteemed travel publications such as The Lonely Planet and Travel & Leisure magazine, echoing the past of when Beirut was referred to as the Paris of the Middle East.

Beirut Weather

The best months to holiday in Beirut are during the Spring season from May to June and the Autumn season from November to December, when the weather is most mild. However during the summer months, temperatures hover around 31°C, which is a great excuse to relax next to the Mediterranean Sea. For those in the mood for some skiing, the best time to visit is during February, although Beirut's ski season lasts from December to April. So, any time seems like a good time to holiday in Beirut!

Beirut Culture

Beirut Religion

Beirut is home to Lebanon's most religiously diverse cities. In Beirut, people are mainly Christian or Muslim, however there are also people belonging to the Druze, Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Protestant faiths.

Beirut - Cosmopolitan City

Beirut has a long history and has often being considered a cosmopolitan city. In fact, Beirut's history of cosmopolitanism is a source of pride for the Lebanese, which is evident throughout Beirut's trendy shopping, nightlife and dining districts. Beirut was even named in the Top 10 Livliest Cities in the World by Lonely Planet, continuing Beirut's history as a top travel destination for travellers across the world.

Beirut Attractions

Al-Omari Mosque

Visiting Al-Omari Mosque is a must-do when you are travelling to Beirut. Built in the 13th century, the Al-Omari Mosque is one of the most ancient buildings standing in Beirut and is open to all visitors and worshippers.


Verdun is one of Beirut's most affluent areas and is home to designer boutiques including luxury fashion and leathergood stores. As well as designer shopping, there are also a number of cinemas, restaurants and cafes to enjoy.


Harissa is home to approximately 20 churhces and monasteries and is a popular Lebanese pilgrimage site. The churches are of various denominations and feature beautiful and unique architecture. However, the main tourist attraction to Harissa would be Our Lady of Lebanon, a 600 metre tall bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, which is an amazing sight to behold.

Martyrs' Square

Martyrs' Square is located in downtown Beirut and features statues that commemorate Lebanese nationalists killed during World War I by the Ottomans. Much of the surrounding buildings in Martyrs' Square have been restored and the square still remains a popular meeting place for local demonstrations.

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