Australian Beaches and Reefs

Australia is has some of the most amazing coral reefs and beaches to explore and experience on earth.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is one of Australia's most prized natural wonders, and in global terms compares with the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest for significance.

Stretching from Gladstone in the south to beyond Australia's northern most point, Cape York, the reef is an amazing drawcard for scuba diving and snorkeling, tours and cruises.


Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches on its east, west and south coastlines.

From the tropical, azure waters off far north Queensland, to long, desolate beaches of Western Australia and the popular beaches of Sydney or the Gold Coast, Australia has an oversupply of quality, safe beaches.

If you want to relax or get active, there are hundreds of options for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, scuba diving and other pursuits.

Surfing destination

Australia is world renowned as a surfing destination.

Experience the strong winter swells off the southern coast at Torquay or Bells Beach, or the more temperate, tropical waters of the far north Queensland coast.

Some of the more highly rated surfing spots in Australia include Kirra and Burleigh (Queensland), Bells and Winki Pop Bells (Victoria), Shark Island and Lennox Head (New South Wales), Margaret River and The Box (Western Australia), and Caves and Chinamans (South Australia).

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