1. For cheap holidays - plan ahead

Flying abroad on your next holiday? Then you should know... The sooner you book your flight, the cheaper your plane ticket will be.   So take advantage of Webjet's Deal Finder - a one stop shop where you can view airfares in advance (up to six months!) and compare international flight prices and airlines all on one screen.

2. Keep your flight dates flexible

Sometimes flying one day earlier or later can save you a lot on the price of your flight ticket.   Look for dates when the airlines are not as busy. Mid week flights are often cheaper when it comes to travelling domestically or to Australia - and there's no better way to find those cheap flights or cheap airline deals than with Webjet's Deal Finder.

3. Don't travel during peak season

If you can avoid school or summer holidays. Look for flights with towards the end of the holiday season as they tend to be cheaper - with better flight deals and a greater variety of accommodation packages (at better prices). So keep it simple - Don't travel when everyone else is.

4. Mix & match - the best way to compare airlines

At Webjet you can combine the best airfares BOTH WAYS with different airlines and often save more. This is referred to as Mix & Match flights. Choose the cheapest airfare on one carrier to your destination and return on another airline. The flexibility is amazing and allows you to get the best deals!

5. Booking Price Guarantee

To ensure you get the best possible booking price when you have selected your flights, Webjet will electronically lock in and guarantee your chosen flight prices regardless of fluctuating airline flight prices, provided you complete your booking within 30 minutes.

6. Consider alternate airports

If you're planning on travelling to Europe then research airports surrounding your desired destination. This can be due to airport taxes and airline capacity. For example, you could save several hundred dollars by flying into Amsterdam instead of London and the savings will more than cover your ground transportation.

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8. Experience the wonder:

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