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Flying to 30 cities in Indonesia and 24 international destinations, Garuda Airlines is Indonesia's national carrier. International destinations serviced by Garuda include Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou (Canton), Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and of course Bali and Jakarta.

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A caring smile leads the way on Garuda Air

Garuda airlines transformed itself in 1998 to a competitive, modern carrier. The airline no longer survives solely as an air transport facility for people and cargo. Garuda is now known as a full service airline, offering first class amenities to its passengers, for business and leisure travel.

Garuda Indonesia flight crew are welcoming and helpful. Their pleasant and cheerful nature ensures that your flight onboard Garuda airlines will always be a safe and pleasant journey.

Garuda In-Flight Service

To match some of the world's best airlines, Garuda’s in-flight service was developed in response to passenger preferences on specific routes. Therefore each Garuda flight, offers a service unique to the specific route and destination to satisfy its international clientele with the very best in-flight entertainment, menus and reading materials.

Business Travel with Garuda Airlines

Garuda Airlines fully appointed executive lounges are designed with busy business executives in mind. Business facilities such as Internet access, conference rooms, televisions and comfortable chairs are available at all Garuda lounges in airports across Indonesia.

Garuda's new valet service allows business class travellers to take full advantage of the executive lounge facilities. Garuda's friendly staff handle all check-in details on their behalf so business travellers can avoid the worry of flight times and other boarding requirements. Just another reason why it's a pleasure doing business with Garuda Airlines.

Check-in with Garuda Airlines is Simple

Check in for Garuda domestic flights at least 30 minutes before departure and 45 minutes before international departure. It's always a good idea to arrive at the airport earlier.

Other Garuda check-in options help passengers get on board, on time:

Check-in Without Baggage - A quick service available for customers travelling on a Garuda flight without baggage.
Telephone Check-in - Garuda airfares purchased online or over the phone can check-in over the telephone.
Return Check-in - Confirmed same-day, return flight bookings on Garuda can check-in for their departing and return flights at the airport check-in desk.
Group Check-in - Created for a people travelling in a group. Confirmed bookings can check-in at the group booking counter.
Return Check-in - Confirmed same-day, return flight bookings on Garuda can check-in for their departing and return flight at the airport check-in desk.
Through Check-in - Check-in for the whole itinerary of your journey for Garuda Airlines and code share connections.

Garuda Frequent Flyer

Garuda Airlines newest frequent flyer program allows members to earn miles on domestic and international flights. The program offers a four tier membership; GFF Junior, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level has its own exclusive benefits when flying with Garuda. Keep track of your Garuda Frequent Flyer rewards online, manage your account and redeem points on Garuda flights.

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