Technical Questions

Listed below is some general information about our site to help you resolve common issues that may be experienced whilst browsing.

Can I use my MAC to make a booking?

Yes but only Safari 3.x and above, Mozilla Firefox - Version 3.5 and above, Opera - 9.x are compatible with our booking engine.

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Auto Booking Checks and Error Alerts?

In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties trying to make an online booking, you can contact us using this facility or by using our reserve booking engine which provides access to all standard published domestic and international airfares by clicking here.

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How Do I Contact Webjet?

There are two options:

For any bookings made online via a booking engine:

Email us at: if you are telephoning from New Zealand you can call us on 0800 445 641. If you are in any other overseas location call (61 3) 9040 0070. You can also interactively chat with us by clicking here. Our Customer Service Centre facsimile number is (61 3) 9820 9258.

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The Speed Of The Website Is Slow?

The speed of the website can vary depending on a variety of factors including: your computer capacity, your computer operating system, the browser version you are using and the volume of internet traffic generally on the world wide web at the time you access and the ISP or cable connection you use. As most reasons for slowness are beyond our control, you should ensure to have reasonably up to date equipment, sufficient processing power, the latest versions of whatever browser you are using (preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer), and a reliable ISP or cable connection.

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How Do I View Up-To-Date Content?

Whenever you access a page on a website it downloads to your cache (memory) so that frequent visits to those web pages on other occasions will be will faster to download. However, problems may occur when your browser reads and displays an older version of a page from the cache rather the requesting the latest content from our server. As such, if you notice that the content of a page on our site appears to be out of date, please refresh, clear your cache and try accessing again. Instructions for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.5 are below.


• In your browser select "Tools" then "Internet Options"
• Under the "General" tab select "Delete Files" from the second option
"Temporary Internet Files" and select 'OK'.
• Then also under the "General" tab select "Clear History" from the third option
'History' and select 'OK'.
• Press the "refresh" button located on the top of your browser window to reload current content.


• In your browser select "Tools" then "Clear Private Data"
• You will see a list with tick boxes
• Click on "Cache" and "Cookies"
• Unselect the remaining items if they have been selected.
• Press "Clear Private Data Now" and refresh page.

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I Get An Expired Certificate Warning?

If you encountered a dialogue box stating "Certificate Authority is Expired" or something similar when you tried to access one of our web pages, this may be due to problems with the browser you are using. Some browser suppliers are aware of this problem and have material on their web sites explaining the problem. For more information, or to download an updated version of the browser you are using, click here for Internet Explorer

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Are There Any Implications Accessing Webjet from a Corporate Network?

If you access Webjet from a computer within your company’s office network, you may find that your company’s internet firewall settings will cause some pages on our website to not display, or behave strangely.  You may be able to have your IT or Tech Support personnel change the firewall settings to allow access.  If not, you may wish to access our website from a computer outside of your company’s office e.g. from home, or an internet café.

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Storage And Security Of Personal Information?

Webjet ensures your credit card information is transmitted over secure lines using Thawte. Webjet uses a mechanism widely used by the e-commerce communities to transfer sensitive data over the Internet called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is a protocol that provides communications privacy, authentication and message integrity and prevents eavesdropping, tampering or message forgery by encrypting data.

Webjet will not be responsible for any access or change made to your personal information occurring as a result of you disclosing your password to a third party, or through any unauthorised access.

You can also help us keep your personal information secure by ensuring that any password you use on our web site is kept strictly confidential, and by logging off when you have finished using a shared computer.

Webjet will not be responsible for any access or change made to your personal information occurring as a result of you disclosing your password to a third party, or through any unauthorised access.

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What Software Works BestWith This Site?

This website is optimised using Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above at a minimum resolution (screen area) of 1024 x 768 pixels, Javascript should also be enabled.

For full display of graphics 'Shockwave Flash Plug In' is required.
For the use of Webcam, Real Networks 'Real Player'.

All the the above can be downloaded for free as follows:

Internet Explorer at:
FireFox at:
Shockwave Flash Plug In at:
Real Player at:

To check your screen area resolution do the following:
- go to your desktop and right click on your mouse.
- select "properties" then "settings".
- in the bottom right corner there will be a section called "Screen Area". Move the gauge to adjust the area setting, then click on "apply" and "ok".

To check your Browser has Javascript enabled do the following:


• In your browser select "Tools" then "Internet Options"
• Under the "Security" tab click on "Custom Level"
• Scroll to "Scripting" and select "Enable"
• Select "OK"

Do I Have To Change My Browser Privacy Settings To Use The Booking Engine?

Yes. As we personalise your information via a "cookie" the booking engine will only work if you have your browser is configured to accept cookies.

A cookie is a text only string that gets stored into the memory of your browser.

If you do not have your browser configured to accept cookies, when selecting the fare you require you will find you are bounced back to the beginning of the flight selection process.

To enable your browser to accept cookies in Internet Explorer please note the following:

1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

2. Click the Privacy tab, and then click Advanced.

3. Click Override cookie handling, and then tick the accept areas for both first and third party cookies. Alternatively, you could select the option to prompt you each time if you do not want to always accept cookies.