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Our Sustainable Traveller Program empowers customers to reduce the environmental impact of their travel through carbon offsetting. When you tick the box at checkout to offset the carbon emissions from your trip, you join over 22,500 customers that have contributed to offsetting over 5,400 tonnes of CO2* through Webjet's carbon offset program. 100% of the offset cost is used to support verified carbon offset projects across the world that mitigate climate change, protect wildlife and nourish communities. Learn more below.

Offset your flight

As planes fly, they burn fuel that releases greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.Webjet calculates the greenhouse gas emissions using TEM’s BlueHalo technology associated with your flight such as aircraft type, distance travelled and litres of fuel used. Offsets are calculated on a per-seat basis, where you only offset the amount of emissions attributable to your seat on your flight. 

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Offset your hotel

In addition to flight emissions, water and energy consumption significantly contribute to hotel emissions and staying at a hotel and using the amenities adds to these emissions. Since March 2023, over 6,100 Webjet hotel and package bookings have offset emissions. Emissions associated with hotel bookings are calculated by nights stayed, taking into account the hotel location, star rating, and room size (m2). For packages, this calaculation also includes the emissions from your flight.

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The projects you'll be supporting as a Sustainable Traveller:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbon offsetting?

What is a Carbon Offset?

One carbon offset represents one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere. A carbon offset is created by either a) removing one tonne of emissions from the atmosphere by for example planting forests, or b) preventing one tonne of emissions from reaching the atmosphere by for example replacing a fossil-fuel burning power plant with a wind farm.


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact. By purchasing carbon offsets, travellers support environmental projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere (such as planting forests), or prevent future emissions from occurring (such as replacing a coal-fired power station with a wind farm).

One carbon offset represents one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere.

How are my emissions calculated?


Webjet calculates flight emissions using TEM’s BlueHalo technology. The BlueHalo software uses international standards to convert greenhouse gas emissions associated with your flight such as aircraft type, distance travelled and litres of fuel used, to tonnes of CO2.

We have calculated the emissions for each flight available on Webjet, and as a passenger you can offset your share of these emissions. The emissions for each flight are calculated on a per-seat basis. Once you offset your seat, we purchase the equivalent number of carbon offsets in order to equalise your share of the flight’s emissions. We also recognise that different seat classes have a bigger impact, and have factored this into our calculations in accordance with international standards (e.g. a business class seat will have a larger emissions profile because of factors including the larger and heavier seat).

The BlueHalo calculations are continually updated as best practice international standards for greenhouse gas calculations evolve.


The hotel conversion factors are taken from a recognised methodology produced by Greenview. These factors have been derived from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index which uses annual data surveyed from international hotel companies.

The hotel location, star rating, and room size (m2) are used to determine the emissions associated with each room night spent in the accommodation. Greenview factors consider Hotel Star Ratings (2-5 stars), or an averaged class of hotel if emissions per star rating cannot be effectively derived. Where an exact hotel destination or star rating cannot be matched, the closest like-for-like hotel is used based on either the City, Country subdivision or country code.

Where does your contribution go?

Webjet doesn’t profit from the sale of carbon offsets purchased under Sustainable Traveller. 100% of the cost paid by customers is used to source carbon offsets from premium projects worldwide. Our offset provider TEM is paid a small fee to cover the administrative costs associated with the due diligence of sourcing and supplying carbon offsets including managing the offset retirement process and all carbon accounting.

Webjet only purchases carbon offsets from projects that are verified at the highest international standards.

Projects are verified by an independent third-party like the VCS Program and the Gold Standard who ensure each project meets strict criteria to deliver measurable and permanent emissions reductions additional to a business-as-usual scenario. Following compliance with the relevant third-party, the project is then issued with carbon offsets, each with a unique serial number. If the project demonstrated a reduction in emissions of 1000 tonnes, they would be issued with 1000 carbon offsets.

Once Webjet purchases carbon offsets from a project, they are then retired, ensuring the offset cannot be traded again, and completing the carbon offset cycle for the traveller.

Webjet's commitment to sustainability

As an online business, our impact on the environment is relatively limited, but we acknowledge our responsibility to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and we do this in two major ways:

Reducing our energy use and waste across our offices by investing in efficiency measures and implementing procedural and procurement policies that support sustainable working environments.
Educating our customers and the travelling public on the economic, social and environmental impacts of their travel and to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable travel, such as through the Sustainable Traveller carbon offset program.

 You can learn more about Webjet's environmental sustainability here.

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Sustainable Traveller Terms & Conditions

Sustainable Traveller is a voluntary contribution. In addition to your contribution, you will be charged a payment fee subject to your choice of payment method and GST. The payment fee and GST are not able to be allocated towards greenhouse gas abatement projects. To the extent permitted by law, your payment, associated payment fee and the applicable GST is non-refundable as the carbon offset contribution will be processed regardless of whether your travel is subsequentially cancelled or modified. Webjet will provide you with a tax invoice by email when you make your contribution. Webjet will not provide duplicate tax invoices. The calculation method provides a best-in-class emission estimate only and should not be relied upon as an accurate record of the actual emissions. We accept no liability if the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions relating to your trip is incorrect or inaccurately reflects actual greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your trip. Infants are not included in the calculation of flight emissions for online bookings. An infant is any child passenger under the age of two years old as of the date of travel. Children aged two years and older are included in the calculation at the same rate as adults. Your contribution will be used to acquire 'Eligible Offset Units' as defined under the Australian Government's Climate Active Certification for service. We may at our absolute discretion acquire 'Eligible Offset Units' from certified greenhouse gas abatement suppliers of our choice. You are not able to direct us to allocate the funds to any particular greenhouse gas abatement projects or suppliers. All offsets are purchased and retired in accordance with international carbon accounting standards by Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM). TEM is an authorised representative (CAR 001248300) of TEM Financial Services Pty Limited (ABN 58 142 268 479, AFSL 430036). TEM is authorised to provide financial services to wholesale clients (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001). While Webjet has taken reasonable care to ensure that the information provided by TEM and displayed on Webjet’s desktop site, mobile site and app relating to carbon offsetting is correct, all information may be subject to change at any time without notice. Webjet is not liable to you or anyone else if errors occur in the information on this website or if that information is not up-to-date. Webjet reserves the right to suspend or terminate this carbon offsetting arrangement in its absolute discretion at any time, without giving notice to you. This arrangement will be subject to any applicable legislative or other regulatory controls imposed by State and Federal Governments, whether existing now or at any time in the future. These Terms and Conditions are effective as at the date of publication 17 April 2020 and may be amended by Webjet from time to time without giving notice to you. You are also subject to Webjet’s general Booking Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy that apply.

*Total customer and offset calculations based on carbon offset bookings made on between August 2020 - September 2023.